An ode to Ruby Matthews: The brightest shining star of Sex Education season three

Now I know her back must ache from carrying this entire season

Warning: This contains a few spoilers for Sex Education season three

Ruby Matthews has existed since the very start of Sex Education, but it took us three whole seasons to clock she is a shining star. She’s got it all. From savage mean girl vibes, to jokes one-liners and a killer fashion sense – I need to be her best mate. But, as we learnt this season, she is waaay more than just her image and she really showed her vulnerable side. People on Twitter have been praising her non-stop and rightfully so, she’s a goddess and we’re simply not worthy of her.

Ruby carried this entire season, from her relationship with Otis and revealing more about her home life – she’s undoubtedly the best character we’ve seen on TV in a very long time.

Her outfits belong in a museum

Ruby Matthews is the coolest person I’ve ever seen in my LIFE. Her incredible outfits and personality carried this entire season. The Sex Education costume department really does deserve a pay rise for its work on Ruby Matthew’s this season. J’adore her entire wardrobe. She is a walking, talking icon and she even made that grey school uniform look sick.

She’s proof that women can be vulnerable and strong

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It was super important for us to see Ruby’s home life during this season, even though we might have liked to see more. But watching it all unravel and realising how much her home life affects her was really special. With her dad having multiple sclerosis (MS, a lifelong disease which affects your brain and nerves) we all appreciated her character just a little bit more. Seeing this side to Ruby also showed us that women can be strong and vulnerable at the same time.

She is a much better fit for Otis compared to Maeve

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We all have some pretty hard pills to swallow over the course of our lives. One of them being the fact that Ruby is a much better match for Otis compared to Maeve. The progress her character has made is insane and, to be honest, we wouldn’t have seen any of it if it wasn’t for her falling in love with Otis. They’re the perfect match, the only problem is that Otis doesn’t know that yet because he is a silly boy. Her entire relationship with Otis is again showing us how women are both equally powerful and incredibly vulnerable, we see this when she says everyone at school loves her but when she cries over Otis – she’s the perfect balance.

You know she’d be a laugh on a night out

I don’t doubt for one second that Ruby wouldn’t be boring on a night out. She’d have the best outfit on and get all the male attention but she wouldn’t entertain it. When Ruby’s on a night out with you, she’s on a night out with YOU. She exclusively drinks sparkling rosé but won’t mind digging into a box of cheesy chips when the night is over.

Everyone needs a friend like Ruby Matthews

Yeah sure, she can be a little bit savage at times but she has proven how genuine she is. If you show love to her, she will undoubtedly always have your back even if it doesn’t seem like it at first. Like everything that happened between her and Otis, she came through in the end and pulled Hope away from ruining the student protest. Ruby Matthews is a good, kind and wonderful human.

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