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Quiz: Can you guess the Netflix show by just one obscure character?

This will test your memory

Do you ever feel like you spend your whole life watching Netflix? Like you genuinely don’t know where you’d be without it? Same, same. But how well do you actually pay attention to the shows you’re watching or are they just background sound? This obscure Netflix character quiz is about to tell you.

Do you have your beady little eyes locked on the screen as every last inch of the drama unfolds? Or you could have easily missed an entire character’s involvement in a show because you got distracted or started scrolling on Instagram?

In the quiz below all you have to do is match which Netflix show each picture of a supporting, be it fairly obscure, cast member is from. Let’s hope you didn’t blink and miss them completely.

Take this quiz to see if you can match the obscure character to the Netflix show they appear in:

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