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You can only say you’ve completed Netflix if you score 11/13 in this quiz

Only true addicts know the struggle

Do you ever open up Netflix and genuinely think you’ve completed it? Like, there is not a single show or film that you haven’t already watched that is worth your time. The new show on your splash looks rubbish, you binged the top 10 earlier in the week and nobody in the group chat has come through with any good suggestions. It really is a huge struggle.

But have you like, really, completed Netflix? Or are you just being dramatic and low-key have about 20 good series just waiting to cracked on with on your watch list? If you’ve started watching your favourite shows for the seventh time and every time you Google “best shows on Netflix right now” you’ve seen them all, I think you already know where you stand.

If you score highly in the quiz, you can actually say you’ve completed Netflix. If not, you need to stop moaning and crack on with that list, because we both know there’s plenty of stuff still on there.

Ok then, let’s see if you truly have completed Netflix:

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