Selling Sunset’s Christine looks totally different in cringe movie before she was famous

She gets eaten by a shark, casually

Before she was everyone’s favourite reality TV villain and real estate queen of our hearts, Christine Quinn looked totally different starring in a movie in her acting days. Let’s get this out the way early on, the film looks terrible. But Christine’s cameo is nothing short of Academy Award deserving, as she gets gobbled by a shark early on, whilst rocking a typical hot blonde girl in a horror movie white bikini.

The film is from 2011 and is a horror thriller called Shark Night 3D. It follows a group of seven friends who go to the Louisiana Gulf for a party weekend away. However, things turn dangerous after blood-thirsty sharks attack them multiple times. Christine Quinn plays Jess in the movie, and only appears at the beginning of the film, quickly becoming the shark’s first victim.

Christine Quinn before her Selling Sunset Netflix fame in the movie Shark Night 3D

Christine Quinn in Shark Night 3D

Here’s a clip of Christine Quinn in the movie, and no, I don’t think she lasts very long:

Jess enters the lake, followed by her boyfriend, who then kisses her and takes off her bikini top. He picks her up and chucks her into the water, to which Jess calls him “so bad”. He then leaves Jess alone in the water, and she is set upon by the shark who drags her under the water and kills her instantly.

Despite it looking like the film cost around 3p to make, its budget was actually $25million and it starred Sara Paxton, who you might recognise as the lead in Aquamarine.

Watch the full trailer for Shark Night 3D here:

And that’s not all. Christine has truly been proved as a triple threat in the last few days. An old home video of her singing a Maroon 5 cover has resurfaced and she’s good at that too! Is there anything this woman won’t put her hand to? Nothing but respect.

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Featured image via Shark Night 3D and Instagram @thechristinequinn.