Selling Sunset transformations: What the cast looked like before they got rich and famous

Sorry but they all look like completely different people


We’re now on the seventh season of Selling Sunset, and people are questioning the transformations the cast have had. To be fair, this season is more glamorous than ever, and I dread to even think how much preparation went into the cast members’ confessional interview looks. The hair, makeup and costume department? Give them all promotions.

Whilst many of the cast members have made it no secret they’ve had cosmetic surgery in the past (remember the burgers and botox party? Iconic), others have never confirmed they’ve have anything done. But, what can’t be denied is that this lot have been on style and looks JOURNEYS. It truly is a thing of beauty.

Here are the biggest transformations from the cast of Selling Sunset, and how different they all looked long before they were on the show.

Mary Fitzgerald

Transformations from the cast of Selling Sunset on Netflix

via Netflix

Whilst Mary has never publicly spoken about plastic surgery, it’s been rumoured that she may have had fillers and botox in her face, and lip fillers. She has lots of old pictures of herself on Instagram where she’s much less glam than when she has a full team doing her makeup for the show – she’s sported brown hair in the past, and has pictures from when she was dating Jason.

Chrishell Stause

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Ok, I am OBSESSED with pictures of Chrishell from back in her acting days. She was serving 00s vibes in bucket loads. It’s the eyebrows, for me.

What a glow up. Wow.

Christine Quinn

Transformations from the cast of Selling Sunset on Netflix

via Netflix

Christine makes it no secret she has had work done. She owns that she loves nothing more than botox and filler, and we love an honest queen. Despite openly talking about getting work done, Christine doesn’t really have many old pictures of herself on social media – her oldest Instagram post is from 2017, and she only looks slightly different.

via YouTube

However, there is a resurfaced video of her singing on YouTube from 2013 and she looks pretty different. Plus, Christine was also in a really cheesy film in 2011. She starred in a horror thriller called Shark Night 3D, but she unfortunately dies within the first few minutes.

via Shark Night 3D / Instagram @thechristinequinn

Heather Young

Transformations from the cast of Selling Sunset on Netflix

via Netflix / Instagram

Before her time on Selling Sunset, Heather worked as a model and did shoots with Playboy. Heather has confirmed she has had lip filler and a boob job in the past. Just like her fellow cast members, Heather always looks perfect and glam on the show. On Instagram, Heather has shared a lot of pictures from her modelling days – where she does look quite different!

via Instagram

Amanza Smith

Transformations from the cast of Selling Sunset on Netflix

via Netflix / Instagram @amanzasmith

Amanza has been serving looks since day one – we’re sleeping on how much of a fashion icon Amanza is on Selling Sunset. If there’s one thing Amanza’s Instagram proves, it’s that she loves to change her hair style.

Bre Tiesi

via Netflix

From pictures over 10 years ago, way before her luxury LA real estate days, Bre looks like a completely different person. Bre is 32 now, and pictures from her early 20s show what she looked like before cosmetic surgery and work.

via Startraks/Shutterstock

Bre Tiesi has never shied away from openly talking about the cosmetic work and surgery she’s had done over the years before Selling Sunset, and said on Instagram: “What haven’t I had done? I have had my nose done, I’ve had my boobs done, I’ve done filler, I have done Botox, I’ve tried literally everything. Kybella, Morpheus, like, I just did a CO2 laser. I’ve done a ton of lasers.”

Davina Potratz

Transformations from the cast of Selling Sunset on Netflix

via Netflix / Instagram @davinapotratz

There are a few older pictures on social media of Davina from before her Selling Sunset days, but in terms of wild transformations, she just looks a lot less done-up than when she’s been made all glam for the series. In newer pictures of her, from an open house at the $75million listing, people are questioning if Davina has had a boob job.

“You’re thriving and glowing and it shows, ahhh you look so good and this look,” another said in the comments.

Emma Hernan

via Netflix / Instagram

Emma looks totally different in pictures from her modelling days. She too has never publicly spoken about surgery, but it’s been reported she may have had a boob job, fillers and a nose job.

via Instagram @emmahernan

Chelsea Lazkani

Transformations from the cast of Selling Sunset on Netflix

via Netflix

Chelsea really joined Selling Sunset and said: Glam. She now looks so different from old pictures, and is never not in full catwalk mode. I kinda love it for her.

Nicole Young

Nicole has come under fire a few times on the show, with Chrishell saying Nicole has got “everything done” and changed her entire face. “You’ve rearranged your whole face. You got everything done,” she said at a company dinner. Nicole has never spoken about plastic surgery, but it’s been rumoured she has had Botox, fillers and a boob job in the past.

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