All the cosmetic surgery the cast of Selling Sunset have had done

All the cosmetic work the Selling Sunset girls have openly spoken about getting done

Burgers and Botox party, anyone?

The Selling Sunset girls have spoken about cosmetic surgery a lot on the show. Whether it be sitting in the office and joking that they’ve all got fake boobs, to throwing parties where you can literally take time out to top-up your Botox.

The girls aren’t shy about talking of tweakments and procedures. So, what have they all have done? Here’s a rundown of all the times our fav Selling Sunset realtors have spoken about cosmetic surgery they’ve had done, and some expert commentary about what other work they may have had over the years.

Bre Tiesi

Bre has had a lot of cosmetic surgery before appearing on Selling Sunset, and she’s always been very open about the work she’s undergone. On Instagram, she said: “What haven’t I had done? I have had my nose done, I’ve had my boobs done, I’ve done filler, I have done Botox, I’ve tried literally everything. Kybella, Morpheus, like, I just did a CO2 laser. I’ve done a ton of lasers.”

She added that she and her friends joke that they are “guinea pigs” for anything that can “fossilise” them and “keep this forever”.

Amanza Smith

On the show, Amanza has previously spoken about having a boob job before. She hasn’t spoken about any other surgeries.

Heather Young

Heather has confirmed she has had lip filler and a boob job in the past. Prior to Selling Sunset, Heather worked as a Playboy Bunny, and it is then that she began undergoing cosmetic surgery and getting work done.

Nicole Young

During Selling Sunset season seven, Chrishell accused Nicole of getting “everything done” and changing her entire face. “You’ve rearranged your whole face. You got everything done,” she said at a company dinner. A bold statement!

So, has she? Nicole has never spoken about plastic surgery, but it’s been rumoured she has had Botox, fillers and a boob job in the past.

Chelsea Lazkani

Chelsea has confirmed that after having children, she had work done to her boobs following breastfeeding. In an interview, she said she had an uplift. “I didn’t get bigger boobs,” she said. “I breastfed my son for two years and your boobs are never the same afterwards. On the show I would tape them up because a lot of the clothes that I love to wear didn’t fit me properly. I was just trying to lift them back to where they were.”

In the same interview she confirmed she is yet to get any work done to her face, but would be open to it later in life. “I haven’t touched my face,’ she said. “I’m not saying I won’t, I definitely will. I did try to get Botox but the doctor said I didn’t have any wrinkles yet and I don’t need preventative Botox and to go back in a year’s time.” This interview was last year, so maybe she’s been back now!

Mary Fitzgerald

Whilst Mary has never publicly spoken about plastic surgery, it’s been rumoured that she may have had fillers and Botox in her face, and lip fillers. A surgeon has also said they believe Mary has had a nose job, as “her nose appears thinner across the bridge, and the tip and nostrils appear to be smaller than in older images.”

She also had Botox at *that* famous open house party during a Selling Sunset episode.

Emma Hernan

Whilst Emma has never publicly spoken about surgery, it’s been reported she may have had a boob job, fillers and a nose job. The girls have previously spoken on the show about all getting their boobs done, and Emma was present during this chat!

Chrishell Stause

Chrishell is another Selling Sunset cast member who has never spoken about getting cosmetic surgery, but an expert has theorised she’s had lip filler in the past. By looking at old photos of Chrishell much earlier in her career, you can see why people would think that!

The surgeon from MYA Cosmetic Surgery also said it’s “possible that she has undergone a surgical breast enlargement” and added: “I would suggest Chrishell has had anti-wrinkle injections, often referred to as Botox, to her forehead and around her eyes.”

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