Old YouTube video of Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn singing has resurfaced

An old home video of Christine Quinn singing on her sofa has resurfaced and I’m obsessed

She’s singing Maroon 5 and she’s…good?!

An old video of Selling Sunset icon Christine Quinn sat at home in her comfies singing has resurfaced, and I don’t have any other way to describe it other than I am obsessed. Just when we thought this woman could give us any more, here she is with even more beautiful content to brighten our days. She truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

The video has been posted to Twitter, and shows a much younger Christine Quinn in some sort of record on your laptop for YouTube set-up, singing Maroon 5. She’s in her comfy clothes, no makeup and belting out She Will Be Loved, alongside a friend who is providing the guitar cover.

Honestly, she’s a little bit good? I have nothing but respect. And if you want the full video, I’ve hunted that down for you too. It’s a YouTube upload from her friend, Lindsey Jan, and it was uploaded in 2013. The title of the video says it’s by Lindsey and Christine Bently – which apparently is her last name, but she stopped going by it when she joined The Oppenheim Group.

Christine opens the video saying “we’re going to record you a little song” and the full version is a mashup of Counting Stars by One Republic and the Maroon 5 track. Both girls are sipping tea throughout, and it’s really something. Christine goes for it, and brings all the theatrical and extra vibes you would expect from a woman who is later going to become a cultural icon.

Watch the full video of Christine Quinn singing her cover here:

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