Christine Quinn has spoken about thinking she’d be shot during terrifying home invasion

‘This was the most horrifying moment of my life’

Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn has detailed a home invasion which took place at her house, in which she believed she and her family’s lives were in danger as they were targeted by burglars.

Christine was asleep at home with her husband Christian and their nine month old son, Christian Georges Dumontet, when the burglary took place in March. She has said they were awoken by a noise and when they checked security cameras, saw two armed men attempting to enter the house. The men were unsuccessful in gaining access.

In a recent interview with Nightline and on her Instagram stories, Christine Quinn has spoken about her terrifying home invasion ordeal, two months later. Christine said she believed she and her family could have been shot, and that they was targeted by the people who tried to enter the family home.

Speaking to Nightline, Christine said she believed if the men had entered, they would have shot her. “They are going to break through that glass and shoot me, over bags, diamonds and jewellery,” she said. She said it was her “instinct” to protect herself and her family and she grabbed her gun and took her family into the baby’s room. “I don’t know how I had the ability to think that quickly, but thank god I did,” she added.

Christine and Christian called 911, but the invaders were gone by the time police arrived at the home in the Hollywood Hills. Speaking on Instagram, Christine added: “We were sleeping and we woke up to noises. The noises started getting louder and louder, and we didn’t know what was going on. We immediately checked the security footage and outside of the master bedroom there was two armed robbers breaking our glass window. Our windows are so strong, we have such good security in this house, that they weren’t able to get in.

“We immediately called the cops. The cops were here within a minute. We went into our baby’s room and immediately locked the door, and the cops were here instantly. Because the robbers weren’t able to break into our house or any of our windows… they decided to leave. I’m going to send photos from our security footage. If anyone knows these people, please immediately let me know.”

Details of a home invasion at the house of Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn

via Instagram @thechristinequinn

She went on to call it the most horrifying moment of her life and urged people to take incidents like this seriously. “This was the most horrifying moment of my life,” she said. “When we’re laying in bed and there is two armed men that we’re watching on cameras, literally four feet from me and my baby sleeping.

“I want people to know to take this very seriously. This stuff does happen in L.A. It’s happening all the time. I don’t know what would have happened if they would have been able to get through that glass. Because they would have reached our bedroom and they would have probably shot us.”

Watch part of the interview with Christine Quinn discussing the home invasion incident here:

LAPD confirmed the attempted home invasion took place at 4:30am local time and no property was taken.

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