Just 25 more memes all about season five of Selling Sunset on Netflix

If Emma mentions empanadas ONE MORE TIME

This season the drama on Selling Sunset has been more hot than ever, which has inevitably meant Twitter has been full of more memes, too. We’ve been reacting to everything that has been going on, and it’s been savage.

The arguments have been through the roof, there have been new relationships, breakups, a wedding and a new face in The Oppenheim Group office. There’s been so much going on in the cast members’ personal lives, that the luxury houses have felt like a distant sub-plot. And I swear to god, if Emma manages to push her empanadas into one more scene I’m going to finally lose it.

We’ve already done one roundup, but it simply wasn’t enough, so here are even more of the best memes and reactions to season five of Selling Sunset on Netflix.

1. I am truly obsessed with this soundtrack

2. She really is something else

3. It’s the least he could do

4. Do they even turn their laptops on half the time?

Even more memes about season five of Selling Sunset on Netflix

5. Ok, feels

6. I am LOST

7. Love if for them, sorry

8. Loooool this was savage from her


10. Nothing but respect!!!!


12. I have truly had enough of this

13. Errrrmmmm, next question

14. No lie

15. Ok this was a lot to take in


17. Loooool awkward

18. What was this all about???!!!

19. Loooool

20. 😬

21. Painful!

22. I had to do a double take, ngl

23. It will be nothing without her there!

24. Is she alright?????


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