A quiz to plan a trip to A Fresh Tart bakery from season three of YOU on Netflix and see if Love Quinn will kill you

Quiz: Plan a trip to A Fresh Tart and we’ll tell you if Love Quinn would kill you

I’ll have one muffin and a baseball bat to the head, please

Having watched season three of YOU on Netflix, you’ll be aware that one slip up in front of Love Quinn and she’ll bonk you over the head, stick you in the glass box and your days are numbered. Season three also saw her create a very wholesome facade as the local bakery owner who had moved to peaceful Madre Linda to create a comfortable life with her family. Little did everyone know in the basement of the bakery lives her and Joe’s murder box. So, this quiz sees the two sides of Love Quinn collide – can you go into her bakery, A Fresh Tart, and come out alive?

Love’s bakery might be called A Fresh Tart, but there’s no way in hell she took the pun literally. Her and Joe headed to Madre Linda and were back to their old ways before the credits of episode one could run. The people of Madre Linda weren’t exactly the Quinn-Goldberg’s cup of tea, so let’s see how you fare. In the quiz below you are a resident of the neighbourhood, innocently heading to your local bakery for a spot of food and maybe a drink. You shouldn’t have to question this, but with Love around, are you going to survive? It’s time to find out.

Plan your trip to A Fresh Tart in the quiz below, and find out if Love Quinn would kill you or let you live:

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