Trivia quiz of character deaths and how people died in YOU on Netflix

Can you remember exactly how these characters in YOU died? Take this quiz to find out

I haven’t truly recovered from many of these deaths

One of the main reoccurring features in YOU is death. Characters come and go quickly, with the majority of deaths being at the hands of our very own Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn. It’s what keeps the drama of YOU alive, that so many people are so not…alive. But now is the time to see how well you actually remember the deaths across all three seasons of YOU – in the following trivia quiz.

Most of the season one deaths were at the hands of Joe Goldberg, but can you recall all the gruesome things he did to those who got in the way of his quest to keep Beck? In season two we met Love, and whilst she took on some of the killing weight, there was a variety of different deaths, with lots of different circumstances. Season three was more murdery than ever before – Love was going wild and Joe chipped in where he could, which was noble and honourable of him. And of course, not all deaths in YOU are murder, so can you remember those?

In the most gruesome YOU quiz of them all – it’s time to recall all the character deaths. Pre-warning: This is going to bring back some dark memories of the show.

See how well you can remember the deaths of YOU characters in this quiz:

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