Hocus Pocus trivia quiz

Only Winnie Sanderson herself could get full marks in this Hocus Pocus trivia quiz

What a glorious quiz… Makes me SICK!

Halloween is merely days away, and if you haven’t been spending the entirety of October watching the Disney classic Hocus Pocus on loop, then I’m not really sure what you’ve been doing. Hocus Pocus is more than just a film, it is a rite of passage. It’s a spooky season way of life. Everything about Kenny Ortega’s cult classic, famously fronted by Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy is absolute autumn perfection. What is so great about Hocus Pocus and why it’s become such an enduring Halloween classic is that nothing about it feels like a patronising kids’ film – it’s got comedy and real horror and threat in spade loads. But how well do you know Hocus Pocus, and can you get full marks in this Winifred Sanderson approved trivia quiz?!

Do you know your Dennisons from your Sandersons? Your Thackerys from your Emilys? Do you know every lyric to I Put A Spell On You, and can recite Winnie, Sarah and Mary’s spells in your sleep? Can you tell me exactly where Sarah hid her iconic lucky rat tail? Do you know your Jays from your Ices, your Allisons from your Danis and your Medusas from your Satans? On All Hallow’s Eve when the moon is round (or whenever you want tbh), take this Hocus Pocus trivia quiz and see if you can get 17/17.

Remind yourself of all the iconic Hocus Pocus moments on Disney Plus here.

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