final girls horror film quiz

QUIZ: Can you match the final girl to the horror film she’s from?

Only a true scream queen can get 17/17

Final girls are arguably one of the most important and respected tropes of the horror genre. A good final girl is as important as a good killer, monster or threat – someone to root for when the odds are stacked. Their form and stereotype has changed over the years. The virginal babysitter, the reluctant hero, the shy wallflower come badass bitch. All of life is here. Final girls are feminist icons – triumphing often over misogyny and bigotry as much they are the forces of evil. They’re the underdogs, and when they get the upper hand it’s all to play for. Queens! It’s spooky season once again. But how well do you know your final girls – and can you ace this quiz that will test if you can match the horror icon to film she starred in?

How well do you know your franchises? Do you know which girl slayed in Halloween versus Friday the 13th? Do you know your Tree Gelbman from your Grace Le Domas? Do you know exactly what location you’d find Shauna McDonald playing a ruthless final girl? Can you match the festive survivor to the Christmas slasher she battled through? If the answer to all of these is yes, perhaps you’ve got what it takes to get full marks on this final girls horror film quiz. Only one way to find out…

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