American Horror Story die quiz

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you what season of American Horror Story you’d die in

If I don’t get to die a witchy Coven death then what’s the point of anything

Some naysayers may say that taking a quiz like this is morbid, but you know you’re dying to know. Pun intended. That’s why you clicked. It’s why we love horror so much – a strange and inexplicable fascination with terror and death. American Horror Story across its soon-to-be 10 seasons has spent a lot of time coming up with new, bizarre and very disturbing ways to kill off its cast. Despite the seasons varying in quality and the plot often struggling to even be vaguely coherent by the time the final episodes come around, you can always count on American Horror Story to deliver the grisly goods on the ways to die front, and you can always count on The Tab to make an iconic quiz about it.

American Horror Story is soon to be making an eerie return with its upcoming tenth season Double Feature, and if the eerie trailer is anything to go by we’re in for another season of blood sucking deaths, throat slitting and piles of body parts chopped up on gloomy beaches. So, in other words, business as usual in the world of Ryan Murphy. But which of the nine seasons are you destined to die in? Will the coven burn you to death or is Lady Gaga going to feast on your blood? Will you be a failed science experiment of Dr Arden or are you going to be unceremoniously obliterated in Michael Langdon’s nuclear wasteland? Only one way to find out, so take this quiz and we’ll tell you what American Horror Story season you’ll die in.

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