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How long would you last in a horror film? Take this quiz to find out

If you leave your shower curtain closed, you’re done for

Have you ever watched a horror film and been quite frankly disgusted by the pathetic display some of the characters put on? Like, some of them don’t even attempt to stick up for themselves, put up a fight and make it out alive. Well, this quiz is going to tell you how you would fare, and if you’d accept your horror film fate and be weak or step up to the plate and be victorious in the face of danger.

There are a few tell-tale signs someone isn’t getting through a horror film. Why do they never turn the lights on when they enter a room? And why do people insist on having their shower curtains closed all the time when that gives potential serial killers a prime place to hide? Please?! But then there are others who stay calm and collected, and handle fear like it’s a walk in the park.

So, if for some strange reason you found yourself immersed in an actual horror film, it’s time to find out how long you would last. Sorry in advance if you don’t make it out alive.

Take this quiz to truly find out how long you would last if you were in a horror film:

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