Sarah Paulson AHS characters

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you what Sarah Paulson American Horror Story character you are

We can’t all be Lana Winters, but we can dream

Sarah Paulson and American Horror Story are the most iconic duo since cheese on toast. They go together like no other. Forget Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson has earned her place with an army of characters under her belt to emerge as the true figurehead of AHS. She’s endured 10 years of Ryan Murphy horror, literally only being absent for the last season: 1984. Which doesn’t count anyway, because it had Mr Schue from Glee in so we just simply do not acknowledge its existence.

Thankfully, Sarah Paulson is back for season 10 of AHS, and I can’t wait to see what icon will be joining her already extensive list of characters when American Horror Story: Double Feature kicks off next week. We know very little about who Sarah Paulson will be playing in AHS: Double Feature, or how large or small the role is. If her track record is anything to go by though, it will be an icon either way. But what Sarah Paulson character are you? Are you an investigative, queer journo legend like Lana Winters? Are you a chaotic crackhead like Hotel’s Hypodermic Sally? An unhinged, power hungry sadist like Wilhelmina Venable? A constant crier and master manipulator like Ally Mayfair-Richards? A posh English waif actress like Audrey Tindall? Or the best Billie that isn’t named Eilish or Piper – the clairvoyant extraordinaire Billie Dean Howard?!?!

Take this very important and very scientific quiz to see which of the AHS Sarah Paulson characters you truly are after all.

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