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An ode to our Squid Game King Ali, he was always too pure and innocent for the game

He deserved so much better

I can’t stop thinking about how poor, innocent, sweet Ali from Squid Game was too pure for the vicious series. Yeah sure, Squid Game had some pretty cool characters but none of them beat Ali. None of them even come CLOSE to beating Ali, he was in a league of his own. I’d even go as far to say that if I had to play marbles against Ali, I’d purposefully let him win.

Squid Game featured a lot of deaths but Ali’s had a lasting impact. I honestly think part of me died inside when Ali went, I was distraught. He was an angel who didn’t belong in the game! And I know for a fact we all feel the same. Here is an ode to our angel and Squid Game king, Ali:

He’s the dictionary definition of what it means to be kind

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From the very first episode, he proved to us he’s willing to risk his own life in order to save others. Like when he lifted up Gi-hun in Red Light, Green Light and stopped him from getting shot – he’s a hero!!

Ali works with Gi-hun in Squid Game and their team to make sure they win every time. His strength during tug of war was insane and during those riots. He’s SO strong, emotionally and physically – I love him.

Squid Game Ali

Our strong hero, via Netflix

He will do everything he can in order to keep his mates alive

In Squid Game, Ali does everything humanly possible to keep his friends safe. That’s why it was so easy for Sang-woo (player 218) to trick him during the game of marbles. Safe to say the entire population wept when they saw Ali’s face after he clocked what Sang-woo had done.

Squid Game didn’t deserve Ali’s purity

I am ugly crying rn

He is too pure for this world, let alone the vicious Squid Game games. His friends didn’t deserve him and he didn’t deserve to die. Unlike everyone else, Ali didn’t join Squid Game because he was greedy, his boss actually took advantage of him as a foreign worker. And once he was in the games, he was nothing other than helpful and sweet.

He told Gi-hun he was involved in Squid Game because he wanted to make money. He speaks about wanting to provide for his family, wife and newborn son. My heart breaks for Ali.

He’s a respectful King

Throughout the entire series, Ali remained positive and didn’t give up one single bit. He overcame challenges and built friendships whilst living in a horrific circumstance. We all need to be more like Ali.

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