Squid Game ending questions

Ever since finishing Squid Game, people have been losing sleep over these 16 questions

Ok first of all, I need someone to provide an answer for Gi-hun’s red hair

Netflix’s Squid Game is full of batshit crazy moments that have left so many of us shook. By the time you’ve reached the ending, you’re bound to have several questions about Squid Game. Like, do the staff get paid? Or how the hell did they get that message inside of a boiled egg?

Maybe you’re just looking for some releasability and you need someone to tell you we’ve all been asking the same questions since finishing Squid Game. Or maybe you’re the chosen one who can provide us with the answers. Either way, these are the 16 questions I have about Squid Game that make me lose sleep at night:

1. Who is this man and why does he choose to slap people?

Sorry but what was his connection to the rest of the series? How did he get wrapped up in recruiting for Squid Game? Does he care that he’s literally signing people’s lives away? Is he the only person who’s recruiting or is there someone else helping? Also, are there no security cameras at the station which recorded Gi-hun getting slapped a bunch of times? So many questions!!

2. How do the staff get involved?

Is there money in it for them too? How much are they being paid? Is it 45.6 billion won too? Also who decides whether they wear the circle, triangle or square mask?

3. Is the Red Light, Green Light doll real?

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The first game they play is Red Light, Green Light but instead of a human turning around, it’s this mega creepy human doll looking thing.

4. How did they not see her warming her needle with a lighter?

Squid Game ending questions

During the second episode when they’re playing the honeycomb game, we watched player 212 heat up the needle with a lighter to make sure she was safe getting through to the next game. But how did the guard not see her?? She was sat directly underneath the slide and there was a guard right next to her!!

5. What’s happened to all the past winners of Squid Game?

For a game that’s been running since 1988, Squid Game has got to have a lot of previous winners. But what’s happened to all of them? And is there always just one winner?

6. Did any of them brush their teeth?

Seriously, this is no joke. The time frame of Squid Game was very confusing, it seemed like one game was played a day. The players were given no food and had what seemed like no sleep – did they even brush their teeth?? Who knows at this point.

7. Where did they shower?

Okay so personal hygiene is a common theme here. But seriously, did they even shower? How can they get ready for a game, where they’re potentially going to die, and not have washed??

8. What was the time frame?

Right, so did they play a game per day? And how many hours of sleep a night did the players get? Surely playing all of these games which could resolve in death takes up a bit of brain power – did they even get time to rest??

9. Also, why the hell did Gi-hun decide to dye his hair red?

If this is the only question which gets answered, I’m okay with that. I just need to know why Gi-hun decided to dye his hair such a chaotic colour? What possessed him?? It doesn’t make sense.

10. Why wasn’t 240’s nose piercing removed?

Squid Game ending questions

It seemed like all other jewellery and watches were removed – why not her nose ring? Someone explain!!

11. Why is no one questioning why they faked the old man’s death early on?

Why did they make such a big deal out of a fake death? And why did they play the gunshot when we all know he doesn’t die at this point. It’s so weird!

12. How the hell did they get a note inside the boiled egg?

This one is making me lose sleep at night. The doctor was sent a note about the next game and the note was INSIDE the boiled egg, how the hell did this happen?  Did it involve the chicken prior to the egg being laid?? Or was it some kind of injection into the egg? I can’t sleep without knowing!! Someone tell me the answer.

13. What kind of mobile phone does the police officer have?

Probably one of my main questions from Squid Game is what kind of phone does the police officer have? Because the battery seems to last about a week!! It’s mad and I don’t understand how it’s working.

14. How did the staff get away with harvesting organs?

No one really questioned the fact that the staff were harvesting organs. I need to know why the staff were even selling organs and who were they selling them too??

15. Why did none of the players get dodgy vibes from the start?

Okay so they’re individually approached by a random man asking them to play a game for a very large sum of money, this alone is weird. But then they’re kidnapped and put in green tracksuits and told to sleep in a (very aesthetically pleasing) hall with over 400 other players. Did none of them really get “I’m getting murdered” vibes??

16. Finally, why the hell did Gi-hun get off the plane?

Okay I have so many questions about the ending of Squid Game. But my biggest question has got to be why the hell did Gi-hun get off the plane?? It’ll haunt me forever.

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