This Squid Game theory about 067 will restore all of your faith in humanity


Anyone who watches Squid Game on Netflix can tell you it’s a lot to take in and it’s been at the front of our minds every damn day since we started watching. The theories about this show are mad, like the one about the old man and Gi-hun actually being father and son. But right now the theory fans of Squid Game are debating is whether player 067 actually died.

Warning: Squid Game spoilers ahead

We’re not really told much about her other than she comes from North Korea with her brother (who’s living in an orphanage) and they’re the only two remaining family members. We also know her motivation for playing the game is trying to win the money so she can get her brother out of the orphanage and improve their lives. She’s an absolute queen and her death struck a chord in all of us. Luckily, thanks to fans of the show doing God’s work, she might not actually be dead.

Right now people are desperately trying to convince themselves 067 is alive and managed to escape. They’re coming up with all sorts of ideas that when you put them together, they’re very believable. This is a deep dive into the theory that 067 from Squid Game is actually alive:

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Her elimination is never formally announced and she could’ve escaped

So we all think 067 dies during the game, right? We saw her get hit by a flying shard of glass when the bridge exploded and she lost a lot of blood. Player 456 (Gi-hun) ran to the guards asking them to help his dying friend then player 218 (Sang-woo) brutally stabbed 067 in the neck and secured his spot as one of the two finalists in Squid Game.

But one popular fan theory suggests our queen is still ALIVE. Her elimination isn’t formally announced over the intercom like everyone else’s. She also had a knife on her at the time of death, which has got a lot of fans thinking she may have cut her way out of the black box before being burnt.

Most of the scene was produced in slow motion and there was only music and 456’s sad reaction which we could hear. The announcement over the intercom saying she was dead could have been made at any point during this scene and the prize money representing her death was added to the prize pool – an obvious suggestion she did actually die. Plus no one who had been stabbed in the neck could escape several armed guards – but we can hope.

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