Ok, so what do the shapes on the workers’ masks on Squid Game mean?

Every episode this confuses me

Watching Squid Game on Netflix is a lot to take in. The plot is wild, there are loads of theories dotting around and you get torn between characters constantly. But one thing that’s probably been annoying you since episode one is the meaning of all the different god damn shapes on the Squid Game workers’ masks.

Some are circles, some are triangles and others are squares. But what does that all mean? Here’s a rundown of the staff hierarchy in Squid Game, and what all of the symbols on their heads mean about their position within the game. You’re welcome.

The meaning of the shapes and symbols on the masks of the workers in Squid Game on Netflix explained

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Here’s the breakdown of the meaning of each of the shapes on the masks on the workers’ heads in Squid Game:

Circle: A staff member wearing a circle on their mask is just a straight forward worker, at the bottom of the hierarchy. The majority of the workers are circles.

Triangle: A triangle on the mask means this person is a soldier – and they are the ones who are armed.

Square: Anyone who is wearing a square is a manager, and out of the three shapes the squares have the most power. They oversee the soldiers and workers.

The symbols actually have a further meaning. It’s reported they are the letters of the Korean alphabet, written in Hangul, the Korean writing system. The circle is the letter “O”, the triangle is part of the letter “J”, and the square is the “M”. Together this is OJM, which is the initials of the squid game in Korean – Ojingeo Geim.

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