This theory explains how people think the Squid Game workers and players are chosen

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A theory seems to explain how the workers and players are chosen in Netflix series Squid Game, and it makes a lot of sense. The show follows a bunch of people who are all in crippling debt, before they are chosen to take part in a deadly tournament where they play children’s games and losers are “eliminated”. If you survive the games and win, you end up with a huge ₩45.6 billion (£28m) prize.

A lot of crazy theories about the show are going around, given the nature of how wild the plot is. But one question has a lot of people stumped: How did the workers end up at the Squid Game? There’s one particular theory which seems to address how people end up with their given role within the game.

Theory about Netflix series Squid Game explains how workers and plays for the games are chosen

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In the first episode, the main character in the show, Seong Gi-Hun, is handed the game’s business card in the subway station by an anonymous man in a suit. The theory claims that if you chose the red square in the game of Ddakji with him you are a worker, and if you chose blue you are a player. In the first episode of the show, everyone we see as a player selected the blue. We don’t see anyone who selected red.

The theory about the Squid Game workers and players selection has gone viral on TikTok. The user who posted it points out what happened to the main character, Seong Gi-Hun. “He [the man in the suit] asks him to choose a colour,” the say. “He chooses blue and wakes up as a player. What if he had chosen red?”

@lucy.what1it’s just my guess but i have checked, all the other players have also selected the color blue. ##fypシ ##viral ##squidgame ##squidgamenetflix

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The TikTok has been viewed over 39million times, and has had over six million likes. One comment says: “THIS MAKES SENSE?? Because we can tell from a few scenes that the workers are just normal people too probably in debt like the players”.

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