Netflix editing scenes after man says his real number was used on the cards in Squid Game

After initially offering £620 in compensation, Netflix is now cutting out the scenes


A man is claiming his real phone number was used on the business cards shown in new Netflix series, Squid Game. The unnamed person, who lives in Korea, has spoken to a publication saying he’s received thousands of calls and has been forced to change his number since the show aired. Netflix has now said it will edit out the scenes where the number is visible on-screen.

They claim the number was featured on the cards shown in the first episode of the series, where the main character in the show, Seong Gi-Hun, is handed the card in the subway station by an anonymous man in a black suit, offering him a place in the notorious games. Throughout the first episode of Squid Game, the number on the cards is shown on the screen multiple times.

Man claims his real phone number was used on business cards in Netflix series Squid Game

via Netflix

Speaking to Money Today, the man says he at first didn’t understand why he was being contacted so much, but says a friend pointed out that it was because his number was featured in the show. He now says he has received “endless” calls and text messages, making it “difficult to live my daily life”.  “It has come to the point where people are reaching out day and night due to their curiosity. It drains my phone’s battery and it turns off,” the man, who lives in the Gyeonggi province, said.

It has also been reported that his wife has the same number as him, apart from one digit, and she has been receiving prank calls too. He added that it is a huge inconvenience for him to change his number, as it has been his business number for over 10 years.

Man claims his real phone number was used on business cards in Netflix series Squid Game

via Netflix

According to a Korean newspaper, Netflix has said it is in negotiations with the phone number owner to resolve the issue. In a further interview with SBS News, the owner of the number added that they had been contacted by the production crew following their initial interview about the problem. The owner claimed producers told them to “change their number,” saying that it’s the “only option” for the issue. They reportedly said the production team told them it wasn’t done intentionally, and there isn’t much more they can offer to do now the show has been aired.

It’s been reported they were offered only ₩1million (about £620) as compensation by the production team, despite having had rejected offers of compensation up to five million won (£3,073).

Netflix has not commented on the compensation claims, but it has urged people who are watching the show to refrain from attempting to call the number. On Wednesday, Netflix said: “Together with the production company, we are working to resolve this matter, including editing scenes with phone numbers where necessary.”

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