Personality quiz to see if you could survive in Netflix show Squid Game

Would you actually survive Squid Game? Take this quiz to find out

Let’s be honest, it’s probably a no

If you’re watching Squid Game on Netflix, you can’t deny you’ve at least once considered how you would fare as a player yourself. I bet you’ve deeply analysed your skill set for every individual game they faced – and it’s fine, we all have. But the following quiz is going to actually give you scientific answers to your main question: If for some reason it came down to it, would you survive Squid Game?

Some of us are natural born problem solvers, with strength and resilience, who could look the games straight in the eye and be not at all fazed. It’s a skill, and if you have it you should be proud. Whereas, and unfortunately this probably applies to most of us, we are simply not cut out for Squid Game. It’s extremely inhumane, and we probably shouldn’t be naturally prepared for this sort of thing anyway. But just the pure thought of being put in a huge dorm full of other people, and made to play games on an empty stomach and on zero sleep to try and fight for our lives – it’s just a no. At least the green tracksuits are a bit cute, though.

So, find out here where you sit on the Squid Game spectrum. How far are you getting? And are you living to see the outside world again? It’s time for the answers.

It’s time to find out if you would actually survive Squid Game, in the quiz below:

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