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Netflix’s Squid Game has taken over TikTok, here are the best viral videos so far

If you’re not on SquidTok then what are you even doing?

Squid Game has taken over every single corner of the internet. It’s living rent free in our minds and on our For You Page too – it’s everywhere right now. If you haven’t watched it yet then all you really need to know is that it’s about a group of players who compete in six games and every player who loses a game or gets knocked out then dies. It’s pretty savage. Naturally, people on TikTok have started to create and play the Squid Game games themselves (without the dying part).

If you’re not on Squid Game TikTok then you’re missing out. Not only are people playing games, but they’re also making TikTok videos which are either memes or straight up thirst traps of the Squid Game characters.

People on TikTok are playing the honeycomb game

The second Squid Game game requires the players to carve different shapes out of a Korean honeycomb sweet. Each player is given a flat tin which holds the honeycomb and they can only use a needle to carve out the shape. They have to do it without breaking the final shape and before the clock runs out, otherwise they die.

This one person made their own honeycomb and tried to carve out a perfect star. They didn’t quite manage it, watch for yourself to see what happens when the star breaks:

@bayashi.tiktokReply to @maboda8 #squidgame♬ Squid Game – Green Light Red Light – Yovinca Prafika

Also, the honeycomb from the game is actually reaaaally hard to make. As shown by this TikTok user who made several attempts but couldn’t manage it. Their video has 8.2 million likes, so you can guarantee at least one million people agree making honeycomb is very hard.

@erictriesitwhy is this so difficult to make?!? #squidgame #squidgamenetflix #dalgona #korea #korean #dalgonacandy #netflix #fail♬ Squid Game – Green Light Red Light – Yovinca Prafika

Someone else made a TikTok about what every other non-Korean speaker was thinking during the honeycomb game. We’d all probably misunderstand and just take a whopping bite out of the honeycomb.

@alexkassamanianDon’t ask how I survived the first game! #squidgame #fyp #kdrama #fyp♬ Squid Game – Green Light Red Light – Yovinca Prafika

There are also people on the app making memes out of Red Light, Green Light

The big robot girl in Red Light, Green Light makes the game even more iconic than it already is. And fans of Squid Game are making memes out of her on TikTok. Just want this fun little dance they made her do:

@punyaibenk#squidgame #dance #3danimation #blender3d♬ Squid Game – Green Light Red Light – Yovinca Prafika

One person even transformed into the robot girl from Red Light, Green Light. Their video has almost three million likes which makes sense because their transformation is craaazy.

@janiooooooooWho’s your favorite character in Squid Game? 🦑♬ Squid Game – Green Light Red Light – Yovinca Prafika

This person made a joke out of how they’d participate in the Red Light, Green Light game. They captioned their video with “Me throwing black pepper at the other bitches so I can get 38.5 million check”. If anyone threw black pepper at Gi-hun, I would riot.

@queenmab901no cause I’d lit win dafuq #squidgame #netflixseries #kdrama♬ Squid Game – Green Light Red Light – Yovinca Prafika

Another fan of the show made a TikTok about what it would look like if Ariana Grande joined the Squid Game cast, the mannerisms are so accurate it is scary.

@schamireyuh♬ Squid Game – Green Light Red Light – Yovinca Prafika

Other TikTok users are just straight up going viral by making jokes Squid Game references

One girl went viral for making a video captioned “When you’re in the Squid Game but so is your ex”. In the video she is shoving over a pillow with a T-shirt on it and then putting up both middle fingers. In the background we can hear the iconic scanning sound played in Red Light, Green Light – her behaviour is very iconic.

@jagkoleenReply to @pinaeapple best believe it’s survival of the fittest #netflix #squidgame #squidgamenetflix #redlightgreenlight♬ Squid Game – Green Light Red Light – Yovinca Prafika

Someone else posted a video with the same audio but this time it was captioned with “Me slaying the first round of Squid Game because I’m a 2016 mannequin challenge survivor”.

@mikes.micLike give me a challenge…. #squidgame♬ Squid Game – Green Light Red Light – Yovinca Prafika

And of course some people are using TikTok to thirst over the Squid Game characters

One fan of the show uploaded this thirst trap of the guy who plays Gi-hun when he was younger. And let me tell you now, he was (still is) very fit.

@jakexyounagihun when he was young😳 #squidgame #squidgamenetflix #leejungjae #foryoupage #fypシ♬ High – ꪜꫀꪀ⚥︎ꪑ

And obviously a lot of people have been thirsting over the police officer guy with the phone that doesn’t ever seem to run out of charge. Here’s a TikTok someone made about him:

@fakepovsbymehis English accent 🛐 #squidgame#wihajoon♬ MONEY – 리사 (LISA)

The recruiter from Squid Game is also very hot, here’s a viral TikTok with over five million likes to prove it:

@minthtic#squidgame #gongyoo #kdrama♬ Money – NishTido • 𝕯𝖇𝖙𓆩𝘼𝙍𓆪

Squid Game is available on Netflix now. For all the latest Netflix news, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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