These 22 internet down memes from last night will shame you into spending less time online

Rumour has it that 18-year-olds learnt how to work iMessage last night

Yesterday the world plummeted into total darkness as we saw Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp all go down right before our very eyes. It was pure carnage. 16-year-olds found themselves trying to navigate iMessage for the very first time and uni students tried to post boomerangs of their glasses clinking but were tragically unable to do so. And, maybe this is worst of all, our mums weren’t able to share missing pet pictures of dogs from different counties in the UK onto their Facebook. In short: it was hell.

In this time of crisis, many of us swarmed over to Twitter to express ourselves the best way we know how – through memes. Here’s a collection of the best internet down memes from last night:

1. ‘LOL I’m so random’

2. I find this way more funny than I should

3. Lorde is ahead of her time x

4. ‘Holla when you get this’

5. The thought of Twitter going down makes me want to cry

6. My baby is THRIVING

7. I genuinely think Adele broke the internet with this tweet

8. Uhh, who’s going to tell them?

9. Heroic behaviour

10. You really don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone

11. We’re all big clowns on this silly, floating piece of rock

12. Instagram hurt the most

13. This is an ick, sorry

14. I feel like everyone watched Squid Game last night when the internet was down

15. Last night proved to us that we all spend a gross amount of time online

16. It was a vibe on Twitter last night

17. Twitter doesn’t get enough credit

18. Pure heartbreak

19. The internet down Squid Game memes were the best

20. Natural light burns our eyes!!

21. And we lived to tell the tale

22. ‘What the fuck happened?’

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