Not even Phil McCann himself could come up with these 17 very British petrol crisis memes

This whole thing is a fever dream, someone please make it stop

The UK is in the midst of a supposed fuel crisis and it’s sent this silly little island into complete and utter chaos. A lot of petrol stations were left high and dry this weekend due to people panic buying. The whole thing basically feels like one big fever dream and naturally people on Twitter are dragging those out panic buying by using memes.

Everyone first lost their mind when a BBC reporter named Phil McCann (fill my can) did a live report inside an empty station with no fuel. And then people continued to bully anyone else who was pictured queueing for petrol. It’s all very jokes. So let’s add some fuel to this fire and show off some of the best memes about the petrol crisis:

1. I don’t even have to play this video to know what is said

2. This is peak British humour

3. Would you look at all of those sheep!!

4. Not to mention people keep smacking into you!!

5. Is Jay wrong though?? No

6. The government really does love adding fuel to the petrol crisis fire

7. You heard it here first, unicorn dust crisis incoming

8. This is hell

9. Brb, I am on my way to Swanley

10. ‘He gave me the last pump’

11. Phil McCann is a hun

12. This is a bloody good deal, I’ll take five

13. This is a stunning mode of transport

14. Look at the size of that cue!! What a joke

15. Boris Johnson is such a hands on prime minister

16. This kind of slaps

17. The battle between car and bike ends here

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