devious lick TikTok

Wait, what is a devious lick? And why am I seeing it all over my TikTok rn?

‘Only been at school for a month and already hit this devious lick’

Devious lick the latest weird phrase on TikTok and it’s popping up across everyone’s FYP right now. We can all agree that TikTok comes out with some pretty bizarre memes and phrases, like Sco Pa Tu Manaa or Cheugy. Devious lick is the latest addition to the very long list – but what does it actually mean? And why is my FYP full of people saying they’ve “hit absolute devious licks” when they return from school or work??

Thankfully, we’ve done the work for you and found the answers, here’s a rundown of what devious lick means and where it started:

Devious lick means something has been sneakily stolen

According to the highly credible  Urban Dictionary, “hit a lick” means “to gain a shit load of money in a short amount of time” or a robbery. So we can assume a devious lick on TikTok is basically anything that’s been stolen in a sneaky way.

Where did the devious lick TikTok trend start?

Devious lick started back in early September and it’s all down to @dtx.2cent on TikTok. They shared a video where they opened up their school bag and pulled out a hand sanitiser dispenser. The caption on the screen said: “Only a month into school and got this absolute devious lick.” They video gained over seven million views in just two days but it’s unfortunately not available anymore.

Since then, people have been filming the items they’ve stolen from places and posting their devious licks onto TikTok.


Here are the most devious licks on TikTok right now:

@nugget_sweatThe most devious #lick you’ll ever see #humor #school #fyp♬ Ryte Night – Never Broke Again & YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Someone stole a literal sink WHAT??

@devious.sinkFree sink #lick #fyp♬ original sound – if i accept your valid

♬ original sound – if i accept your valid

Even Chase from Too Hot To Handle is making devious licks!

@chaseJust an absolute devious lick 😈♬ original sound – if i accept your valid

I mean in the current climate, fair enough people are taking soap and hand sanitiser.

@spedbabydevious lick 🤓♬ original sound – Notdrew2

♬ original sound – Notdrew2

Stealing your headteachers parking sign is truly a despicable lick.

@guzi_uzi3Devious lick #fy #lick #😈♬ original sound – if i accept your valid

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