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Elektra Fence tells all about THAT lip sync and her Drag Race UK journey

Burnley’s bendiest queen said she ‘thought it was going to be a double save’

It was with a heavy heart that the second elimination of Drag Race UK season three saw us say goodbye to Elektra Fence. She’s a queen I instantly resonated with – broad northern accent and a heart of gold, full of energy and enthusiasm and a passion for drag – even if her runways didn’t go over too well with the judges. The pocket rocket from Burnley had to sashay away, and the season will have a big hole in it now we won’t get any more of her iconic confessionals.

The Tab will be doing interviews on Friday afternoons with every eliminated queen this season, so make sure you check the website on Friday evenings to read what we get up to. Today I jumped on a Zoom with Elektra Fence to talk about her time on Drag Race UK, and to check if her body is okay after all the flips, tricks and spinning around during M People like George Sampson on Britain’s Got Talent circa 2008.

‘Suddenly I’m the nation’s sweetheart’

“Oh, Harrison, I can’t leave me house. Helicopters everywhere outside. All I want is a loaf of bread and everyone’s banging on the door, come out, let’s get a picture. I can’t even put the bins out. I am the nation’s sweetheart, it’s what all the press are saying!” Chatting to Elektra Fence I knew within two seconds that her early elimination from Drag Race UK certainly hadn’t impacted her amazing sense of humour and charm. Elektra looked unreal in an homage to Bet Lynch, complete with a tiara of cigarettes made for her by her boyfriend.

Elektra Fence Drag Race UK

A camp, northern icon pictured here with Elektra Fence

It was clear in the months since filming, Elektra had applied the critiques she got on Drag Race UK and evolved her drag. “I think my drag has changed so much. My performances are still full-out Friday, but my looks have changed so much. My looks are far more polished and I’m not wearing a wizard’s dress.” Did Elektra agree with her critiques? “I agree with the critiques because without them I would never have learnt and evolved. Performance wise, yeah, my adrenaline does sometimes take over but they were a bit harsh.” I agreed – there are a lot worse crimes than someone being overly enthusiastic, and Elektra knew what she was doing and sold a great character.

Elektra is flogging off bits of the cursed wizard dress, if that’s your thing

As we spoke Elektra held up the cursed garment she went home in and said she’s been flogging cuttings of it off all morning. I respected the hustle, tbh. “I’ve only got two inches left of my wizard’s sleeve.” I asked Elektra if she felt like the pressure from being in the bottom two in week one added to her adrenaline taking over in Dragoton this week. “I think that’s probably a good reason why. I really had to bring myself back up.”

This season’s cast are clearly very close and supportive, and I asked Elektra who she had the tightest bond with after filming. “We are all so close and such a good group of friends. We all went out for dinner the other day, and we always have a good laugh. I’m really close to Kitty Scott-Claus, though. We text all day!”

She had Jane McDonald or Tracy Beaker prepped for Snatch Game

Elektra said she was really sad she didn’t get to showcase her acting chops in a scripted challenge, and said she was really sad she never got to do the iconic Snatch Game. “I did Jane McDonald and Katie Price in my audition, and that’s obviously what got me on the show. So I would have loved to do Jane for Snatch Game, or Tracy Beaker and Princess Margaret.”

The nation needs to know: HOW ARE ELEKTRA’S KNEES?

“You’re the 50th person to ask me!” She laughs. “I’m on my 17th knee replacement actually. I’ve got another one booked in next week. No, I’ve been doing all these moves since I was a little kid, my knees are fine. I take my cod liver oil every morning, my joints are thriving!” I asked Elektra what was going through her mind during that gravity defying lip sync. “What was going through my mind? Get rid of Vanity!

“No, I didn’t want to send Vanity home. If I had to lose to someone, I’m glad I lost to Vanity. She’s a good friend of mine and I’ve known her since the beginning of her drag career. What was going through my mind is ‘I’m going off that stage at the end of this song'”! Who was the friendliest judge? “Oti! We couldn’t because of social distancing, but I just wanted to give her a hug!” I asked who Elektra Fence thinks should win and her response was fast: “Anubis!”

Her one regret is the wizard dress

Alan Carr’s iconic “why’ve you come dressed as a wizard” instantly branded Elektra’s runway as the wizard dress for all eternity. “I do regret the wizard dress, and would have done that runway theme so differently.” But Elektra’s legacy is living on on Twitter, with her breakdancing spins being memed to the high heavens. Twitter post-show is such an essential part of Drag Race UK culture – it’s what the LGBTQ+ community here is good at. “I’m loving it. Everyone’s saying Elektra Fence was robbed, it should have been a double shantay. I want all positive comments and nothing nasty to any of my sisters, because I won’t stand for that. But what I will stand for is people telling me it should have been a double save!”

What’s next for Elektra Fence?

“I know everyone says I’ve got a lot coming up, but I really do! I can’t tell you about it now, but exciting stuff is coming. Expect brunches, expect shows, expect performances!” Would Elektra Fence return to Drag Race UK if asked? “If they called me right now and said Elektra come back? Hell yeah.”

Special thanks to Imogen Reid and Aoife Kilbane from the BBC. Follow Elektra Fence on Twitter and Instagram: @ElektraFence / @elektrafence

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