Drag Race UK Anubis elimination

We spoke to Drag Race UK’s Anubis about her early exit and if there’s a ‘Brighton curse’

Season three’s first eliminated queen talks what we didn’t see and why a shrimp is camp

The worst thing about Drag Race UK is that queens have to go home. We felt it with season two, week after week we fell more in love with the cast that saying goodbye to them just felt sad. With season three, we’re right back with them feelings all over again and we’ve only been with these queens for a single episode. Last night’s premiere was a stunning return for the new season, with the queens radiating likability from the moment they stormed in, and the tradition of hometown runway looks continued to be an excellent one. But alas, we had to say goodbye to a queen. And unfortunately, the queen that carried the burden of being the first elimination of Drag Race UK season three was 19-year-old Anubis from Brighton.

The Tab will be doing interviews on Friday afternoons with every eliminated queen this season, so make sure you check the website on Friday evenings to read what we get up to. Today I jumped on a Zoom with Anubis to talk about her short-but-sweet Drag Race UK time, and to unpick the new urban legend that is the Brighton Curse!

‘To actually be in the Werk Room was the most incredible experience of my life’

Anubis told me from the off that she’d been on Zooms since half eight this morning, but 6 square-eyed hours on she looked so immaculate and brought so much energy to our conversation it felt like she’d just began. I asked how it was walking into that famous set for the first time and if she ever could have prepared for it. “It was amazing, and then actually meeting RuPaul was incredibly daunting but very worth it. Because he is such a queer icon, with so many career highlights, you just can’t believe you’re infant of someone who actually has shaped what queer culture is. But he’s a lovely person, and he’s done bloody wonders for my career so thanks, Ru! You could’ve kept me in the competition a bit longer, love, but thanks!”

Drag Race UK Anubis elimination

This is how everybody should look working from home

Anubis said she sat next to Krystal to do her makeup, and they quickly formed a bond that unfortunately wasn’t aired. “I know I was only there for a few minutes but I got very close to Krystal. I was hoping you’d all get to see a little section of that. We got very close whilst filming and thankfully that closeness has extended outside of the Werk Room. We’re a very supportive cast and I love them all very much.”

I commented how that really came across, and how the season already has a distinct energy that differentiates it from seasons one and two. “I totally agree,” Anubis said. “Season one and two had completely contrasting individualities and I think it’s amazing that we’ve got that already for season three. It’s definitely down to this cast of queens that are so diverse in skill set and style – especially with queens like Victoria Scone on the cast because we’ve never seen it before and it’s monumental.”

Anubis understands the critiques she got, but stands by her looks

After a killer first look as the Brighton Pier helter-skelter (which my friend amusingly originally mistook for an homage to Colgate toothpaste), Anubis’ second look brought in the harsher criticism from the panel, and was clearly influential in her early Drag Race UK elimination. “Drag is subjective, regardless of what you think of your looks it is RuPaul’s Drag Race, and if he doesn’t like my look I’m up the swanny. I could try and write him a love song but I don’t think it would do much. There’s always room for improvement, though, and looking back now I could definitely do more to elevate the looks in some way.”


After Joe Black got eliminated first last year and Anubis followed in his footsteps, spooky talk has arisen of a Drag Race UK Brighton curse. “You’ll have to ask RuPaul!” Laughed Anubis. “Maybe there’s a Brighton curse or maybe we’re both just shit. It’s a mystery!” I asked how the next Brighton hopeful could attempt to break the curse in season four: “Stay away from sea creatures and pavilions.”

‘I’m proud of myself and proud of my heritage’

Anubis said there’s nothing she’d do differently about her Drag Race UK time in hindsight. “I’m proud of myself, proud of my heritage, proud of Brighton. If I did want to change anything, it wouldn’t be true to myself at the time. Everything happens for a reason and I’m very happy with the outcome.” I asked what Anubis is most proud of that she showcased before her Drag Race UK elimination: “I’m really proud to be able to represent the minorities. I represent the non-binary community, I represent the bisexual community and I’m representing my Egyptian heritage.”

Anubis said she was sad she didn’t get chance to do the Snatch Game. “As daunting as it is, I really wanted to do it. I love impersonations and I love comedy. I also really wanted to do the Rusical and the acting challenges. They’re really the challenges that would have played to my skill set.”

Yep, camp

PSA: All sea creatures are camp

“Look, sea creatures are so cool. Spooky, but fun. And that’s Brighton drag. Stingrays are camp, shrimp are camp, squid are camp. And those little sand worms.” I enthusiastically agreed, and told Anubis about my Moray eel obsession and how I think they feel like a Panto villain. “All sea creatures have a villain energy.”

Given the chance, Anubis would love to return to the competition

“I could sit here and say ‘dunno, maybe’, but let’s be honest, I’d love to get a chance to come back and show my skill set further.” Anubis said. “But who knows, I might not get that lucky!” Lastly, I needed to know who Anubis would love to see take the Drag Race UK crown. “Based on the first episode alone, I’m really rooting for Victoria Scone. She’s such a good entertainer with a great set of pipes. Krystal Versace is a legend with so much attention to detail, and I’m loving Charity Kase!”

Special thanks to Imogen Reid and Aoife Kilbane from the BBC. Follow Anubis on Twitter and Instagram: @AnubisFinch / @AnubisFinch

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