Drag Race UK season three reactions

These 19 Drag Race UK season three memes prove why it should be on all year long

I will be recreating River Medway’s runway walk for the rest of my life

Drag Race UK returned in all its camp, niche, British glory last night – and any people worried that this time round wasn’t going to be able to live up to the bing bang bonging heights of season two were quickly shut right up. The cast is amazing, the looks were iconic and the one-liners are already burnt into our brains forever. It’s a cast of diversity and drag from all different walks of life and representation from all branches of the art form. And, of course, Twitter didn’t disappoint with the usual batch of iconic Drag Race UK memes and reactions for season three.

Here are the most iconic examples that prove exactly why Drag Race UK is the best thing to come out of this cursed island, and how if you’re not reading the Twitter timeline after the episode airs you’re only getting half the story!

1. Can we please talk about the hallowed Brighton Curse!?

2. River Medway is one statue we will not be chucking into the Bristol marina

3. We need to speak to the dictionary people to redefine the word “hilarious” at this point

4. Drag Race is extremely serious television, people

5. This is absolute scripture to me and is better than Shakespeare

6. If you think I will be leaving the house on Thursdays for the next two months you would be mistaken

7. If you know, you know

8. AFAB queens are and always have been valid, Victoria Scone is making HERSTORY

9. None of us can ever unsee this

10. Excuse me I am watching this on loop for the rest of my days on Earth

11. We are all deceased

12. Give her the crown now tbh

13. The vendetta is real

14. I can’t with this

15. And that’s what you missed on Glee!

16. Be afraid

17. Frightening content warning please BBC


19. The way this makes complete sense to me

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