Drag Race UK episode two

For its second episode, Drag Race UK season three chose unbridled chaos

Will my headache from Dragoton ever leave?

Look, you can’t win ’em all. And this week on Drag Race UK season three, the right people certainly were not winning. After an absolutely excellent premiere that really put the queens talents and personalities front and centre, episode two and its Dragoton main challenge falls prey to a naff concept and judging that feels less than satisfying. It left queens doing too much, doing anything to stay afloat and stay in the competition. But not in a fun way, in a way that was ultimately to their detriment. Episode two chose unrelenting chaos, and Drag Race UK should do better with a cast of queens this talented.

Please, we beg, hire good script writers

Or let the queens write the skits themselves. I can’t do this anymore. The entendres and the schlocky sex gags have been run into the ground for years on the mothership version of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and the UK version should be us showing how funny we are with our distinct wit as a nation. We’re so much better than this! And so are the queens.

The Werk Room chats were incredible, because these queens are incredible

It was very uncomfortable when Krystal Versace made a fat joke at Victoria Scone. The whole air of it was off. I’m sure if it was in the reading challenge, or the delivery had been different, or if the two of them had an established relationship where boundaries had already been set for those kind of jokes to be fine. It was clear that it went down like a lead balloon as soon as it left Krystal’s mouth.

But what was really great was how the queens handled the conflict resolution, and the wider conversation that came from it. Victoria’s conversation about her struggles with body image and eating disorders were incredibly moving, and I’m so glad she got to say that size doesn’t equate to health on such a big platform. Elektra talking about embracing your insecurities and using them to feel beautiful as she did with her freckles was powerful, and it was so good to see all the other queens rally around each other and share that they all have times where they’ve hated the body they’re in. You have to turn that into a love of what you fear.

Okay but what the hell was that judging all about

Drag Race judging can be a bit of a lottery at the best of times, but after last week’s completely on point judging what we got for UK episode two felt completely off. Krystal Versace is a sickening drag queen, but to get the win this week after just a decent performance and runway felt unsatisfying. The opposite can be said for Vanity Milan – who served one of the most gorgeous runways of the lot and I felt the comments on her performance were harsh and too focussed on her wig choice rather than the energy she actually brought to the table.

And WHEN will the judges stop sleeping on our lord and saviour Choriza May? She annihilated the runway last week and this week was the funniest in the challenge and had the best runway look. Give her a win RuPaul you coward!

Elektra Fence, we love you

I think there’s a conversation to be had on whether Elektra Fence really deserved to be in the bottom two. Fair, her runway was very wizard-come-Miranda-Priestley. But there are bigger crimes than going for it too hard in a challenge, and whilst Elektra’s adrenaline took over making her fall out of time with the routine, she KNEW the routine and was giving it character, energy and enthusiasm. You could see what it meant to her, which is more than could be said for others.

A shame then that her lip sync was definitely too much. A less is more approach would have served better than the frenetic chaos of her tricks and splits in that performance. But Elektra Fence never once stopped being likeable and someone to root for. A northern icon – and the lack of her Burnley vocals in the Werk Room next week will make it a less friendly place to be. She’ll be missed.

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