Jean Milburn is the hottest character in Sex Education and these 19 thirsty tweets prove it

Let’s hope this quenches your thirst for Dr Jean Milburn

I want Jean Milburn to ruin my life. And I know I’m not alone on this because ever since Sex Education came out in 2019, Twitter has been swarmed with people airing their horniness for a fictional sex therapist!!

But from season one to season three, Jean Milburn has just aged like fine wine. She’s criminally attractive and sometimes I cry because she is fictional. But that’s not to say Gillian Anderson, the woman who plays Jean, isn’t a hottie – it’s just a hard pill to swallow knowing Jean Milburn isn’t real. Anyway, I know I’m not in this alone and that there’s people out there who share the feeling that Jean Milburn is the hottest character from Sex Education ever. Don’t believe me? Here are 19 thirsty tweets that prove it:

1. Smart is sexy and Jean proves it

2. Yes, this is all we want to talk about!!

3. Season one Jean Milburn is an angel sent from above

4. It really is

5. This is straight facts

6. ‘Jean Milburn wearing sexy rompers and saying fuck’

7. She is, and she always will be, the King of everything

8. You’re all so thirsty, I can’t handle it


10. You heard them!! Argue with the wall

11. Sweet dreams everyone x

12. I feel as though this person has taken it a step too far

13. What is this fan art oh my god

14. I’ve never hit the retweet button so fast

15. This is also a thirst trap for Jean Milburn’s house

16. Clearly it didn’t work

17. Don’t we all?

18. This is exactly how we all feel

19. She’s the life and soul of Sex Education

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