The National Insurance tax increase feels like a deliberate attempt to alienate young people

Our reward for paying £9,250 for a year of online uni is a tax rise x

Yesterday Boris Johnson announced his plans to rise Natural Insurance by 1.25 per cent in order to pay for adult social care.

But this tax increase will only alienate young people even more. It’s a burden for young people who have started working already, especially those of us who have started to repay student debts. This tax rise will have a damaging effect on the stability of our future.

Labour leader Keir Starmer, the man who runs the very weak opposition, ruled out any Labour support and claimed increasing tax would unfairly punish young people and the working class.

The tax hike will barely affect rich pensioners. The average 25-year-old would pay an extra £12,600 over their working lives from the tax rise, compared to nothing for a rich old person relying on pension income.

Young people on Twitter have been sharing their opinions and anger at the government. One Twitter user said, “People won’t forgive Boris for breaking a major election pledge and I might be one of those. After following the rules for more than a year, being charged £9,250 for an online year at university, having our mental health impacted, a tax rise is the thanks young people get? Nah.”

Another person said the rise in National Insurance tax is “another attempt to stack the scales against young people and those least able to bear additional pressures on their finances.”

Andy Burnham, Manchester Mayor and left-wing King said “A transfer of £255 a year from those on lower incomes to the better off and care workers left stranded on poverty wages. Doesn’t sound like ‘fixing the care crisis’ to me.” His Tweet was in repose to the front page of yesterday’s Daily Mail, “Fiver a week to fix the care crisis”.

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