Matt Hancock set up a marathon JustGiving page and now people are paying to insult him

‘You incompetent weasel £2 plus Gift Aid’

Former Health Secretary Matt Hancock has announced he is running the 2021 London Marathon to raise money for charity by sharing his JustGiving page for it – but the British public have just seen this as another opportunity to rinse him.

Matt’s not had an easy time, he got caught smooching his old friend, Gina Coladangelo, the other month and then a teenager stole his baseball cap on the tube and then proceeded to shout at him “Come and get it”.

But what’s happened earlier this week is no laughing matter, unless you are anyone else other than Matt Hancock. He’s posted his JustGiving page on Twitter (a fatal error) in order to raise money for St Nicholas Hospice Care.

A few hours after the JustGiving page link was shared, Matt Hancock received 44 donations and almost £1000. One guy, Nicholas Hair, gave Matt two quid but made clear in his comment that it wasn’t a sign of supporting the Tory party. Nicholas said, “I’m literally donating to be able to say you’re a cock. And because the money is going to charity, not your dodgy Tory pals.”

Some of the other donors genuinely seemed to wish Matt the best of luck but then other users going by names like Dominic C and Rishi Sunak really went in on Matt’s efforts to run the marathon. Dominic C donated £2 and left a comment saying “You couldn’t run a bath you fucking useless incompetent weasel! You’ll probably get lost or fall over. Why don’t you just donate all the money you made from your dodgy PPE contacts instead.”

Matt Hancock Just Giving

via Matt’s Just Giving page

“Rishi Sunak” was a bit more personal, they left this comment below:

Matt Hancock Just Giving

Someone going by the name of Your Children also gave Matt £2 but left the comment claiming they hate him and that he’s a terrible father.

Even Bill Gates commented, “all the best sweetie pie”. What a nice guy!!

These comments are just the tip of the ice berg, you can read more comments here. Or, alternatively, you you help Matt out and donate to his JustGiving page and help him raise money for St Nicholas Hospice Care.

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