Matt Hancock kissing

Mark the start of hot girl summer with these cursed Matt Hancock kissing memes

This is Matt Hancock’s world and we’re all living in it

This morning, the entire nation woke up to something truly cursed. A photo, exclusively revealed by The Sun, shows Matt Hancock kissing Gina Coladangelo, an advisor and old personal friend he hired last March. The kiss took place in the corridor outside his Department for Health office, and looks as stiff and awkward as a teen’s first snog at a school disco.

In the hellish leaked photo, Matt’s head is twisted at a right angle and he’s taking a very dramatic stance whilst his hand is limply placed under Gina’s bum – the whole thing is a demonic, pixilated hot mess. People on Twitter are losing their minds over the fact Matt Hancock genuinely gets more action than the majority of us. Obviously he has been outed as a horrible cheat, but some are saying Matt Hancock has just ignited hot girl summer 2021.

Here are the best reactions to Matt Hancock’s real-life Inbetweeners moment:

1. Why is this the most accurate Tweet I’ve ever seen

2. Oh no

3. Analysing his grip of her bum is peak British humour

4. Big agree, it’s so uncalled for

5. Utterly devastating

6. How is he getting more action than me??

7. It’s such a weird thing to desire x

8. I need to take a day off work to recover

9. Ctrl alt delete my life x

10. Too much tongue can be very bad

11. Time management king

12. They are the real heroes

13. Matt Hancock is so main character

14. Iconic

15. It’s so unfair

16. BIG yikes

17. I’m going to projectile vomit

18. No, waking up and seeing Matt Hancock kissing should be illegal

19. No

20. Please say this is a joke

21. Screaming at this

22. It’s catchy tbf

23. ‘Matt Wanksock’

24. I still haven’t recovered

25. Whoever it was, you’re one of a kind

26. This one is too good

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