Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which Tory politician you’d be on a big night out

Not everyone can be Matt Hancock singing karaoke unfortunately

Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson’s ex-advisor and UK government gossip distributer, alleged earlier this month that members of the cabinet have used drugs. Sadly Dominic didn’t go into great detail about the level of drug use but it raise two huge questions: what are Tory politicians like on a night out? And which one are you spiritually aligned with?

Not everyone can be on the same level as Matt Hancock singing karaoke because, unfortunately, that is for the elite only. But we’ve also got some other Tories in the mix, like Michael Gove taking an Aberdeen nightclub by storm on a solo night out. Or there’s Boris Johnson, who claims to have tried cocaine “once at university” but nothing beyond his student years – which we all obviously believe! Anyway, to find out which Tory party member you’re spiritually aligned with, take our quiz below:

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