Drag Race UK guest judges

No ifs, no buts: These are the 12 guest judges we need for season three of Drag Race UK

Get Charity Shop Sue on that panel right now laydeh

Season three of Drag Race UK is so close now I can quite literally TASTE it. And by it, I mean the beads of sweat bouncing off the queens after they’ve lip synced for their life. In the two iconic seasons of Drag Race UK we’ve got so far, we’ve had a lineup of celebrity guest judges that honestly has been extremely impressive. In just two seasons, we’ve had Hollywood A-Listers like Andrew Garfield and Maisie Williams, models like Twiggy and Liz Hurley, pop icons like Cheryl and Jessie Ware and girl band legends like Geri Halliwell and Jade THEE Thirlwall.

So many big names are huge fans of the RuPaul’s Drag Race UK franchise, and they seem to be lining up round the block to get on that panel. Here in the UK, we’ve got such a library of niche huns that we need on that panel to cast their eyes over the UK queens, and these are the camp legends I want to see on that panel in season three.

Catherine Tate

Catherine Tate is honest to god one of the finest comic exports this country has ever had. She’s an amazing actress and has so much in her wheelhouse. Would absolutely cherish her coming on to give the queens acting tips because she’s camp as tits and I love her. Get her on!

Alison Hammond

An absolute icon on this earth. I need her on that panel more than I need life itself. Alison Hammond radiates joy, good energy and self love vibes which is LITERALLY the ethos of RuPaul’s Drag Race and why we all love it so much. And you just know all the queens would be screaming to see her.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock and / or Perrie Edwards

We’ve had Jade, which makes sense considering how much she’s always been at the forefront of LGBTQ issues and is so on the ball with it. But we need Leigh-Anne and Perrie on board. Preferably at the same time. Good vibes personified. Get them on for the girl band challenge IMMEDIATELY.

Charity Shop Sue

Is there anyone in this country who has the gays in a permanent chokehold quite like Bulwell’s finest Charity Shop Sue? Nope. She’s everything to me. So quotable, so funny, so camp. She’s already helped out with Drag Race UK hosting the finale viewings for the queens and doing intros, and it’s only a matter of time till she gets that judging spot she deserves. Scuse me laydeh!

Chloe Burrows

You know what? I’m still riding the Chloe Love Island high. Would she be a good judge? I don’t care! I’d be happy to see her and since learning she’s a huge fan of Drag Race and went to Drag Con in London I want her to have this judging panel moment for her own memories and achievements. It’s what she deserves.

Olly Alexander

It’s actually criminal that Years & Years icon Olly hasn’t been a judge on Drag Race UK yet, so much so that I went to double check if he had or not because it feels so weird that he hasn’t? Love him and all his endeavours, and you just know he’d bring the thoughtful critique whether it’s on acting challenges or singing challenges. He has the range!

Clara Amfo

Is there better vibes than Clara Amfo? She’s just a good time and I kind of want her on Drag Race UK to help guest judge a radio show / podcast challenge with the queens. Would be everything.

Victoria Beckham

Drag Race UK guest judges

Picture the scene: It’s a Drag Race UK design challenge ball week, and we have Victoria Beckham sat on the panel of guest judges. Victoria. Beckham. Spice Girl and fashion icon. I need it. I’m speaking it into existence right now.

Rina Sawayama

Drag Race UK guest judges

Is there a queer pop star with her finger on the pulse working today quite like Rina Sawayama? I don’t think so. She’d be the perfect addition to the panel because she’s so intelligent and knows her queer history like the back of her hand, and is just an incredible performer and model with great style and taste. Just imagine a lip sync to XS or Cherry. Just imagine it.

Billie Piper

Drag Race UK guest judges

Not a want, but a need. I wish Billie Piper well in all her endeavours. She’s such a British icon to me and really think she’d be a great for the roster of Drag Race UK guest judges, even if it’s just so she can throw shade at her ex husband Laurence Fox.

Jodie Comer

Drag Race UK guest judges

A scouse icon, and the Drag Race UK judging panel needs more scouse icons. I would cherish Jodie being there so much. She’s a hoot, so down to earth and would just be a great addition. A legend tbh.

Drag Race UK starts September – time will tell which of this wish list we might get treated to!

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