Quiz: Can you guess the gender swapped Love Islander?

This is such a good look for Toby

Thanks to TikTok the last year has seen a massive rise in photo editing apps with people swapping their faces to look younger or older, turning themselves in cartoons and changing their gender all in the push of a button.

You can either use photo editing apps or filters on Snapchat to achieve these funny looks. And we’ve created a quiz using the FaceApp to see just how well you know the cast of this year’s Love Island by swapping their genders.

It’s super easy to use the FaceApp, all you need to do is upload a picture of the person you want to alter the image of and then you are given a range of editing options which includes adding different hairstyles, facial hair and of course the all important gender swap.

To see how well you really know the Love Islanders, take this flip card quiz to see if you can work out which Islander has had their gender swapped:

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