Vote: Ok so who is the most chaotic Love Islander of all time?

Surely it’s Toby?

Love Island needs chaotic characters in order to make a show. It revolves around the messy and bold decisions made by a select group of Islanders. Let’s face it we’d all switch the TV off pretty quickly if everyone was just happy and falling in love all the time. And so for that reason to it is time to crown the most chaotic Love Islander of all time and thank them for their services to reality TV.

Some Islanders can make occasionally chaotic decisions like Michael when he picked Joanna, but the true masters have chaos running through their veins. They’re the ones who have no problem causing drama, arguments and going after exactly what they want.

But who is truly the most chaotic Love Islander of all time? It’s time to vote:

Toby Aromolaran

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I never thought I’d utter these words but thank god for the chaotic king Toby for saving Love Island this year. The series would be like watching paint dry without his antics.

In the space of a few weeks he’s gone from Kaz to Chloe to Abi to Mary and now back to Chloe. And it’s just not the sheer number of girls he’s gone after which makes him chaotic. It’s the way he goes about it including his classic argument with Hugo where called him a “girl follower”. The boy has such game that he has been eliminated from Destiny’s Chaldish on account of actually managing to get his girl back.

Watching Toby you have no idea what’s going to come out of his mouth next – whether it’s about manifesting his shoe size or a crush on the new girl – and that is the true definition of chaos.

Chloe Burrows

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No one can compare to Toby on the chaos scale of this series apart from Chloe. They’re practically a match made in heaven. Let’s start off with the beginning, Chloe picks Aaron which means Shannon is dumped only for Chloe to not actually be that interested in Aaron.

And then of course there was her entire relationship with Toby the first time round. She stole him off Kaz but ended up getting dumped for Abi and created the most iconic TikTok sound of the series with her muggy quote.

Her energy is pure chaos from the way she speaks to cackling away when Millie told her Toby was interested again. This girl is one of a kind and it says it all when she dumped Dale as soon as Toby came back. Savage.

Jon Clark

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Literally proposed in season one. How much more chaotic can you get?

Megan Barton Hanson

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Megan deserves a BAFTA for all the chaos she brought us during her season. When she first arrived she coupled up with Eyal, had sex with him and dumped him because they only had sexual attraction and he wasn’t as funny as Jim Carrey.

Then she makes a move on Wes whilst he’s coupled up with Laura only for him to say no but still admit his crush. She and Wes end up sleeping in the day bed together after Laura ends things with Wes.

Casa Amor arrives and Megan cracks on with the new boy Alex, only for Wes to return back single and finding Megan coupled up with Alex. Then she changes her mind and realises she does actually like Wes so gets back with him.

All of this in less than 30 days – what a woman.

Georgia Steel

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You say the word “chaos” and who springs to mind? Georgia Steel. Georgia wasn’t necessarily chaotic for her romantic choices more in her reactions to everything.

She was loud, opinionated and created some truly chaotic moments. The kiss with Jack, where do we even begin? Messy from start to finish before Georgia even went on the date when she said she was loyal to Laura only to come back and tell her that she’d got with Jack twice. The whole villa basically erupted over a “he said, she said” situation and Georgia was on top chaotic form.

Georgia jumped in the pool one night for no reason, made that iconic speech to Josh, kept on calling Kaz “Kez” and then she and Sam decided to stay in the villa single rather than go home together. Pure mess.

Maura Higgins

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The villa was truly blessed when Maura Higgins walked through the door. The mayhem she brought is still unmatched.

Trying to date Tommy when he was coupled up with Molly was only the beginning. She just oozed sexual energy and knew exactly what she wanted. Her excellent takedown of Tom after his all mouth comment was top tier.

But perhaps Maura’s most chaotic decision of all was dating Curtis. It seemed random, made no sense and I’m sorry but where was the sexual chemistry?

Adam Collard

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The first true Love Island villain appeared in the form of Adam Collard. His chaos came from moving to woman to woman and having zero regrets.

Kendall, Rosie, Zara and that tattooed girl from Casa Amor all fell under his spell. Just when you thought he’d settled down, boom then came another girl and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t surprised.

Olivia Attwood

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She’s the girl who invented dick sand how could she not be chaotic? Hardly an episode went by without Olivia causing some kind of drama.

Her fight with Montana, calling Chris out for being a nice guy, and kissing Mike then Chris were some of her most chaotic moments. She said it like it was, went after who she wanted and basically didn’t give a shit what anyone else thought about her.

Malia Arkian

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True chaos is being on Love Island for only 20 minutes and yet still managing to go on a date, start a fight and get kicked out. The Islanders don’t do it like this anymore.

Theo Campbell

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Arguably responsible for some of the best lines in the whole show, Theo went into the villa purely to mess things up.

I don’t even remember who he was coupled up with or how long he stayed in the villa because the main things that stick in your mind are when he fought with Jonny and said Tyla should go home if she really cared. Chaos at it’s finest.

So who do you think is the most chaotic Love Islander ever? Vote here:

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