BBL effect on TikTok

What is the ‘BBL effect’ everyone’s talking about on TikTok and how can I tell if I have it??

Someone with the BBL effect will drink tongue-first when they use a straw x

We’ve all heard of the E-girl and E-boy, and we know all about what it means to be “Cheugy” by now. But TikTok’s latest trend is the BBL effect. Besides being pretty messed up, users of the app are turning the BBL effect on TikTok into a viral trend. But what even is a BBL?? And how can I tell if I have the BBL effect? Both of those are very good questions, and you should keep reading for the very good matching answers.

Here’s everything you need to know about the BBL effect on TikTok:

Okay wait, here’s what a BBL actually is:

Basically “BBL” stands for a Brazilian butt lift which is a cosmetic surgery where fat is transferred from one part of the body to your bum using liposuction. People get them so they can have a fuller and perkier bum but of course it’s mega spenny so people (mainly on TikTok) are always hunting for clothes or whatever to give the same effect.

Remember those TikTok leggings from Amazon?? They were a result from people on the app searching for something to give them the BBL effect.

What is the BBL effect then??

One TikTok user went viral for implying those with BBLs are above everyone else and have a diva vibe about them. They posted this video captioned with “POV: someone with a BBL ordered a quesadilla for dinner”.

@antonibumbaand now back to our regular scheduled programming♬ knock knock pitched – Shadow Banned 𝗣𝗮𝗽𝗶

Essentially what TikTok is now saying is anyone with a BBL is immediately considered a bad bitch. They’re savage, stunning, sexy, immaculate and most importantly they’re unattainable.

How can I tell if I am a BBL effect character?

Well to put it simply, a BBL effect on TikTok can be found within a character who is just like you, only 10,000 times better. They’re the type of person who drinks tongue-first with a straw. When they cry they will delicately dab their tears away because they WILL NOT ruin their fresh set of lashes. Throughout the pandemic and several lockdowns they got their nails done because “they knew a guy” and they wouldn’t tell you who it was. They’ll also exclusively use Apple Pay, they haven’t carried a debit card or cash since life pre-BBL.

You WISH you could have the BBL effect, hun x

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