"Oh Lord" TikTok sound

Hold up, where does that ‘Oh Lord’ TikTok sound actually come from?


You’ve probably had the popular “Oh Lord” TikTok sound swamp your FYP recently. The flawless “Oh Lord” followed by the fun, warped music is living rent free in everyone’s damn minds!!! But the question is: where did the “Oh Lord” TikTok sound come from and what is the trend about that goes with it?? Here’s an explainer on all the possible questions you might have about the viral audio:

Who is it saying ‘Oh Lord’??

So it turns out, it’s actually LeBron James saying “Oh Lord” before the sound transitions into an instrumental tune. It comes from a2006 Nike advert featuring LeBron James, a professional basketball player.

What is the ‘Oh Lord’ trend on TikTok?

The “Oh Lord” TikTok sound was originally uploaded onto TikTok by this user and since then it’s been featured in over 100,000 videos. People on TikTok will typically film a video doing a certain activity and then come to a realisation about something, they then ‘zone out’ as the “Oh Lord” plays followed by the fun instrumental music, like so:

@jazzyfizzle_It’s a hot day in Ga🥵#ohlord #immacallyouback #whatnow #genz #melinials #fypシ #foryou #foryoupage #watch #DADMOVES #PerfectAsWeAre #happy♬ original sound – Funny Tiktoks

Here are some of the best videos using the iconic ‘Oh Lord’ TikTok sound:

This TikTok user has the most likes on their video using the sound. They posted this video captioned “That time I almost got struck by lightening” and from it they’ve got over six million likes and 30.1 million views. So if you’re really desperate to get TikTok famous, you know what to do:

@georgeclooneysTiktok has taught me so much #fypシ♬ original sound – Funny Tiktoks

Someone else used the audio to shed light on a universal feeling that no one talks about: how good it feels when your significant other rests their hand on your leg in a public setting. OH LORD INDEED XX

@itsrosieandharryIf you know you know 🦋👀 #4u #couple #viral #funnycouples♬ original sound – Funny Tiktoks

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