TikTok glow look filter

This TikTok filter tells you if you’re hot or pretty, so find out which one you are

My confidence after using this filter📉📉📉

Have you ever caught yourself wondering whether you’re hot or pretty? Well there’s a new TikTok filter which decides it for you. People on the app have found the TikTok glow look filter and decided the filter is good enough reason for justifying to you whether you’re hot or pretty. Seems legit, right? Yeah I thought so too!

How does the TikTok glow look filter tell you whether you’re hot or pretty??

Basically, the glow look filter will either look really good on you or it won’t. If it does and if you happen to look blatantly attractive then you are hot. But if the filter doesn’t look right then you are pretty! It’s not a bad deal if you ask me.

One user on TikTok posted this viral video with 1.7 million likes and over 18 million views explaining the filter and how it works:

@tabithaswatosh#stitch with @katieplott2 @morgannicholee♬ original sound – Tab

Want to try it out? Here’s how to find the glow look filter:

• Open up your TikTok app.

• Click ‘discover’ next to the home button.

• Search for ‘glow look’.

• Click on the filter which has the face with stunning lashes and eyebrows on it.

• And voila! Test it out to see if you are pretty or hot.

Here’s what people are saying about the glow look filter:

One TikTok user had an allergic reaction prior to using the filter and claimed the filter causes catfishing:

@parkerassi had an allergy attack lmao♬ Originalton – Eyacheikho

@dont.tell.my.mamWow #fyp #trend #viral♬ idfc slowed blackbear – 🎬🗝🕷

This user said the filter looks unnatural on everyone else but on them it looks natural:

@c_b_a_today ♬ Seventeen – Ladytron

The filter doesn’t seem to be having the best affects on how people see themselves once they remove it. This person said the TikTok glow look filter reminds them how ugly they are:

@alishbaalimUgh man #glowfilter #catfishfilter #filter #fyp.♬ Originalton – Eyacheikho

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