Hugo Hammond singing

You’ll wish you didn’t have ears once you hear Hugo from Love Island 2021 singing in cursive

Well you know what they say…if you can’t sing, teach P.E

Hugo Hammond from Love Island 2021 is on a very slippery slope at the moment. At first, viewers liked him and thought he was a good guy, then he got weird and then he cried and people REALLY liked him but now he seems to be going downhill again. So what better way to solidify a nation’s hate for a man other than absolutely rinsing his singing videos?? Hugo Hammond singing in cursive is the epitome of hell on earth, it’s what I’d expect to hear if my sleep paralysis demon played one of their top ten tracks every time they came to visit. Anyway, I had to listen to these TikToks so you do as well.

Hugo Hammond singing ‘dOn’t StAY AwAY fOr tOO LonG’ is hell on earth

Hugo, hun, don’t give up the day job and stay off TikTok whilst you’re at it. He sounds like one of those random kid singing videos that come onto my FYP and gets rinsed in the comments. Speaking of getting rinsed in the comments, let’s take a dive into the comment section, one person wrote: “Hugo baby, this gives me the ick” and another TikTok user said he’s “such a pick me boy” – two very true comments.

@geo22xDidn’t know Hugo could sing😲 #loveisland #love #itv2 #hugo #hugohammond #itv #realitytv #dating #fyp♬ Beggin’ – Måneskin

Another person said Hugo’s video should have stayed in the drafts and just under that comment, someone added: “I’M CRYING, THIS CAN’T BE REAL” oh, baby, it’s real alright. It’s also HELL.

Don’t let the caption fool you, he’s not good

Look, it’s a sweet song but his singing is so cursed I cannot handle it. The way he’s stood like that on a stage in front of a screen we’d use to sing hymns from in Year 6 doesn’t sit right with me. One of his ex-girlfriends filmed this when they were on holiday, and it doesn’t take much to guess why she’s now an ex after playing the video. The fact he sang like THIS with the intention of grafting a woman is horrifying, where do they find these Love Island men???

@goawayplzthankyouHahaha that’s sweet old Hugo Hammond #hugo #hugohammond #fypage #loveisland #audio #ex♬ original sound – so what ?

When Jason Mraz released this song, I bet he didn’t think about the consequences that would follow. Like Hugo Hammond singing “do, do, do, do you, but do you, do you, do, do, but do you want to come on?”.

How could anyone in this audience keep a straight face?

This TikTok has the same energy as when you were younger and you’d sit in the back of your mum’s car starring out the window blasting this song through your earphones. It’s so cursed, except this man is 24-years-old and has a full blown audience, piano and spotlight. One person commented saying “oh no, this is an ick” and another person said “Hugo outside the villa trying to get Chloe’s attention”.

@hugo_hammondA few of you noticed Hugo having a sing a few weeks ago and wanted more, so here he is! Let us know your thoughts! #hugohammond #loveisland♬ original sound – hugo_hammond

Someone, please oh please, stop this man from singing. He’s so cursed and he makes my ears bleed. THANK GOD he hasn’t had a sing song in the villa yet, but I’ve got a draft email of Ofcom ready for whenever he does.

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