The E-boy and E-girl: What are they and how can I tell if I am one?

You need lots of chains and a sexy aura

A new TikTok personality seems to creep out of the for you page every single month. It stays around for a little bit and then it fizzles out – like VSCO girl. However, there is one TikTok personality which is consistently getting attention – the E-boy and E-girl.

The E-boys and E-girls of TikTok are unapologetically and undeniably fit, they are nothing like the other influencers we see on the app. They don’t have flashy cars and they don’t all gather together to make an ‘influencer house’. If I’m being honest, I think what makes them so hot is the fact that they’re normally in their bedrooms alone – just like us.

If, like me, you’re sat on TikTok asking yourself: “how are these people so effortless fit, cool and unattainable. I wish I could pull that off”. Look no further, this is your guide to what E-boys and E-girls are and how you can become one.

What even are E-boys and girls?

By Urban Dictionary definition, the E-boy and E-girl originated from TikTok. Typically the girls would have shorter, dyed hair, dark or pastel coloured clothes and some kind of face piercing – preferably in the nasal region. The boys would have curly, beach waved hair, baggy clothes, wear short sleeve graphic tops on top of long sleeve black and white striped ones – facial piercings are also not uncommon for E-boys.

So I guess the next big question is how to tell if you are one. Luckily for you, I am professionally trained in TikTok etiquette so I can tell you straight up what the traits of an E-person is.

What are the actual signs someone is an E-boy or E-girl?

It’s relatively straightforward really, if their hair is dyed some edgy colour then they’re pretty much halfway there. One hairstyle you might recognise from walking around campus or the style every girl was doing during lockdown when boys were giving themselves mullets is the classic two strands of hair at the front.

Their clothing is typically pastel coloured or dark and sometimes might be floral too. You’ll also never see an E-boy or E-girl without a chain, whether it’s a necklace, wallet chain, chain attached to their trousers or a chain which dangles from their glasses. Oh, and if the chain they wear around their neck isn’t going green then they’re not doing it right.

E-boys will typically have short hair at the sides and back and it’ll be beach waved on top. It’s like an effortless look but they still look so fit.

Music taste is something that’s incredibly important to en E-boy and E-girl. If they listen to Tyler, The Creator, Rex Orange County or Clairo then they are the ultimate E-boy or E-girl. They can still appreciate basic pop but that’s only if it has had its share of TikTok fame, like Dua Lipa’s Don’t Start Now.

Which famous TikTokkers are E-boys and E-girls?

One famous E-boy on TikTok who springs to mind is Chase Hudson, or better known as Lil Huddy. He is the living, breathing definition of an E-boy.

Representing the E-girls is Audery Ochoa, she is so quirky it hurts. Notice her fun hair dye colour, bedroom aesthetic and how her entire vibe is so fucking cool.

What accessories are worn by E-boys and E-girls?

I am glad you asked as this is a fine art that has to be perfected. We have already spoken about the importance of chains, but that’s not even half of it. The combo every E-boy accessorises with is: skull ring, chipped black nail polish, fake freckles and TikTok. Of course, we wouldn’t consider TikTok an accessory, it’s an app. But then we are simply narrow-minded VSCO boys and girls who don’t understand the complexities of being an E-person.

E-girls are all over the fake freckles and cute little black stars drawn with eyeliner on top of their cheekbones, kind of like a teardrop.

If you’re looking to attain the E-boy or E-girl vibe then next time you go out make sure you have at least one permanently visible chain, nail polish, chunky rings and cool eye make up.

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