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We asked a relationship expert which Love Island couples are actually going to last

If Liam and Millie aren’t getting married I’m done

Over the years Love Island has produced some truly iconic couples who have lasted the test of time. Alex and Olivia are married, Jamie and Camilla have a baby together and Tommy and Molly-Mae continue to prove love really does exist. But what about the couples this year? Which pairing is going to be the Nathan and Cara of the series? We asked a relationship expert to give their verdict of the compatibility of this year’s couples.

Alex Mellor-Brook is a relationship expert and co-founder of the dating agency Select Services. Alex told The Tab which couple he thinks are legit and the potential problems which could occur within the pairings, including the real tests of the couples.

This is exactly what a relationship expert thinks of this year’s Love Island couples:

Liberty and Jake

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Liberty and Jake have been coupled up since day one of the show and last night Liberty even dropped the L bomb.

Alex thinks the relationship is either going to be one which lasts to the end or could be destroyed by Casa Amor.

He said: “Jake has had his relationship tested with interest from Millie, but stood by his girl. But Casa Amor I think will be his real test. Liberty seems extremely loyal as she hasn’t really had much interest in anyone else so I do think they could either last till the end or end up in complete heartbreak.”

Millie and Liam

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Millie and Liam are easily everyone’s favourite couple and after Liam called Millie his “Millie moo” I’m ready to get my hat for the wedding.

Alex seems to agree with everyone as well, he thinks they’re a strong couple and have a connection. Thank god.

He told The Tab: “They seem to have finally found each other. They look a strong couple at this stage. Again he has been tested by AJ, but has shown he’s looking for more of a ‘one-man woman’. They have a lot in common, but it is still a young relationship. But, after seeing their reaction at the vote off there seemed to be a connection.”

Chloe and Toby

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The last few episodes have seen Chloe and Toby’s relationship go from bad to worse, with Chloe ending last night’s episode in tears. Alex suggests Chloe seems to be happy in her relationship with Toby, minus the tears.

He said: “Chloe has jumped around between couples, being Brad and Hugo, however she does seem happily coupled up with Toby.”

However it will be Toby who could be responsible for the end of their pairing. Alex said: “From previous, Toby has been known to jump ship and I’m not convinced he won’t do it again. He doesn’t have a lot of experience in relationships, so will his immaturity shine through and his head be turned again?”

Things aren’t looking good for Chloe and Toby then.

Kaz and Aaron

love island relationship expert

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They’re a friendship couple who have a strong bond according to Alex who also suggests “let’s leave that there”. He does think Aaron seems very happy in his relationship with Lucinda.

So who is the strongest couple?

From everything Alex has said about the current pairings, it appears Millie and Liam have the best shot at lasting as a couple. And really, is anyone surprised?

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