These are all the Love Islanders who have OnlyFans accounts

You just know Megan’s will be fire 🔥

There are many ways ex Love Island contestants make money after the show. Some have clothing deals with fast fashion brands, others try to make it as TV presenters or some even publish books about their life stories. However in recent years a big way for ex Love Island contestants to rack up their bank balances is to set up an OnlyFans account.

Every season of Love Island has at least one ex Islander who has created an OnlyFans account including Megan Barton Hanson, India Reynolds and Josh Ritchie.

OnlyFans is a subscription based site in which users pay a monthly fee in order to receive exclusive content from celebrities or creators. Usually the creators share explicit images or videos and can earn thousands in the process.

These are all the ex Love Island contestants with OnlyFans accounts:

Josh Ritchie

via Instagram @joshuaritchie1

Love Island season one finalist Josh Ritchie has consistently stayed in our lives since his time on the villa and now he’s expanding his social media platforms to include OnlyFans.

He’s received over 13,000 likes on the app and it usually costs just £10 a month for his exclusive content, however he’s currently doing a deal for £2 for 31 days. A bargain I guess?

Hannah Elizabeth

via Instagram @hannahelizinsta

Season one runner up Hannah Elizabeth has been very busy since she left the villa including becoming a mum! How time flies.

Hannah has signed up to OnlyFans and regularly posts fit images for her subscribers for free.

Thomas Powell

via Instagram @iamthomaspowell

Tom recently announced he was dating Married At First Sight Australia’s Tamara Joy, but he’s not keeping his body just for Tamara, Tom is also on OnlyFans.

According to his page he shares “full erect frontal” all for the price of £9 a month. He’s nearly posted 400 pictures and videos so subscribers have plently of content to enjoy 👀.

Katie Salmon

via Instagram @itskatiesalmon

Katie was already working as a glamour model when she entered the villa in season two so it makes complete sense she went onto create an OnlyFans.

She calls her account her “naughty universe” and says it is uncensored and you can speak to her on there. She also has a second account called “dirtysalmon” which is a couple based OnlyFans.

Harley Judge

via Instagram @harley_judge

Sorry but can we talk about Harley’s transformation? He is HENCH. Harley has been showing off pictures and videos of his very muscly body on OnlyFans.

A subscription to his account costs around £7 but he hasn’t posted anything on there for a while.

Megan Barton Hanson

via Instagram @meganbartonhanson

If there’s one Islander every one already knows is on OnlyFans it’s the queen of the villa – Megan Barton Hanson. Megan has previously spoken about her love of OnlyFans and creating content.

It currently costs around £18 to subscribe to Megan’s content for a month, however you can get a discounted price if you sign up for three months.

Adam Collard

via Instagram @adamcollard

Adam stunned everyone when he first walked into the villa in season four and he’s continuing to do that for his subscribers on OnlyFans.

It costs just over £5 to subscribe to Adam’s account however he hasn’t posted anything since March, c’mon Adam give the people what they want.

India Reynolds

via Instagram @lovefromreyn

India was a goddess who was lucky enough to be the one coupled up with Ovie. Sadly they didn’t work out but India seems to be loving life.

Alongside her Instagram she has also set up an OnlyFans account where she charges just under £10 for a monthly subscription.

Arabella Chi

via Instagram @arabellachi

Arabella was a model when she entered Love Island so it makes a lot of sense she’s going to continue to make money from her incredible looks.

She’s set up an OnlyFans account and it costs just under £10 for a monthly subscription.

Tom Walker

via Instagram @tom9walker

Yes Tom “see if she’s all mouth” Walker has set up an OnlyFans account to show off his impressive torso.

He currently charges just over £10 for a monthly subscription and has three and six month bundles available as well.

Natalia Zoppa

via Instagram @nataliazoppa

Natalia entered the villa last year in Casa Amor and since then she’s been busy posting on Instagram and OnlyFans.

According to her page she posts “fully uncensored content” everyday which includes solo and couple content.

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