These 19 awkward moments are the most toe curling scenes on Love Island ever

Yewande sitting on Danny’s lap was the definition of cringe

Love Island is filled with awkward moments. What else do you expect to happen when you throw a bunch of strangers together with the hope of them falling in love and the inevitable fall out when it doesn’t?

But some moments are far more toe curling than others. I’m talking the ones that make you shriek, cringe and die a little a bit inside. Every season there’s a number of truly awful moments which for some reason you can’t help but rewatch.

In series three it was Craig failing miserably at chatting Camilla up, in season four it was Rosie and Megan’s impromptu photoshoot and of course any time the talent contest comes around you can expect to be filled with awkwardness.

These are the 19 most awkward moments in Love Island ever:

John proposed to Hannah

I get its Love Island and you develop a connection fast, but proposing after six weeks? The looks on everyone’s faces says it all really.

Terry stole Malin’s sunglasses

Malin will always be a Love Island legend and coming back to confront Terry was top tier level drama and it would have been a cool power move from her if Terry hadn’t taken her sunglasses and she had to call after him to bring them back. Awks.

Tina and Troy’s date

I’ve never wanted the ground to swallow me up as much as when I first watched Tina and Troy’s date. Tina is really trying and Troy is just bizarre. Tina you had a lucky escape.

Alex rapping

There is a special place reserved in hell for whichever producer thought the talent contests were a good use of TV time. Naturally they’re all pretty cringe, but Alex Beattie rapping in season three is high up on the list.

The entire performance was chaotic from start to finish (skip to two minutes into the video). Jamie begins on the guitar singing a ballad, and then Alex starts stripping on Montana and then proceeds to rap. How Montana carried on dating him I’ll never know.

Gabby and Montana’s singing

However Montana was responsible for a pretty cringe moment in the villa as well with her performance with Gabby. The girls decided to sing together and I think we’d all be very grateful to never hear them do it again.

Marcel pretending he didn’t say ‘I love you’

Throughout Love Island there’s been many a time when the L bomb has been dropped. Usually it’s with a big gesture planned by the guy and the girl ends up squealing. But with Marcel, not so much.

There was one moment when he and Gabby are chatting and he says “I love you” and then coughs to pretend he didn’t say it. Tragic.

Craig attempting to chat up Camilla

Craig deserves to go in the hall of fame for most tragic Casa Amor contestants. He set his sights on Camilla the minute he entered the villa and really tried hard but he just had no game.

His outstandingly cringe moment happened when he was trying to flirt in the kitchen with Camilla by suggesting they could be the next Professor Green and Millie Mackintosh. Camilla’s response? Crickets. Craig then made it even worse when he said he was only joking.

Hayley swerving Alex

Hayley was only in the villa a short time and still managed to pull off a few incredibly awkward moments, namely swerving Dr Alex.

In the middle of a challenge Alex went into kiss her only for Hayley to move out the way to avoid the kiss. And it wasn’t just a turn of the head, Hayley practically jumped off the deck to avoid his lips.

Hayley and Charlie’s pure hatred of each other

Has there ever been a pair of Islanders who hate each other as much as Hayley and Charlie in season four? When they were dumped from the Island and gave their outside the villa interview they made no pretence at how much they detested each other. There was no body contact, practically no kind words to say to each other and just a general toe curling vibe of awkwardness.

Rosie and Megan’s photoshoot

Look there’s nothing wrong with taking pictures of yourself to celebrate how fit you are. However when Rosie and Megan had a makeshift sexy photoshoot in the villa shortly after Adam and Rosie ended it was just painful to watch.

The girls strutted around in underwear, acting as if they didn’t care and posing for photos. But it was clear as day to all the Islanders Rosie was just doing it to get back at Adam and it didn’t even work. Savage.

Tom’s ‘all mouth’ comment

It will go down in history as one of the best ever scenes in Love Island. The excitement of all the girls getting Maura ready, the boys hyping Tom up only for him to royally mess it up with his one comment “it will be interesting to see if she’s all mouth or not”.

The boys knew it was a disaster, Maura knew it was over, the only person who didn’t know was Tom which only added to the awkwardness factor of the entire moment.

Yewande sitting on Danny to mark her territory

Everyone hates Danny for ditching Yewande for Arabella, but what cannot be forgiven is one of the cringiest ways Yewande tried to hold onto her man.

Arabella and Danny are chilling by the pool and without invitation Yewande proceeds to sit on Danny’s lap in the most uncomfortable looking position, she literally sits on his hands. He doesn’t really do anything and it’s plainly obvious she’s only doing it to mark her territory. She may as well have peed on him.

Curtis and Amy’s entire relationship

There’s too many moments to include here but one stand out time has to be when Amy is telling the girls she’s in love with Curtis and he’s there trying to crack on with Jourdan, only for her to savagely pie him.

Paige hitting herself with the mic

We’ve all been there – trying to look sexy and miserably failing, and Paige gives a prime example when she says a sexy line “pucker up big boy” but Finn doesn’t hear it because Paige accidentally hits herself in the face with the microphone.

Callum walking into a glass door

Who doesn’t love a bit of slapstick humour?

Rachels’ coq au vin chat

From the moment she walked in THOSE heels into the villa Rachel was cringe moment after cringe moment. However easily the most awkward one has to be when she’s taking the piss out of Brad for not knowing what coq au vin is, only to tell him its duck in wine and not what it actually is which is chicken in wine.

Rachel sliding into the fence

Rachel really made an impact on the villa, just probably not in the way she had planned when she flew head first into the fence during the police themed challenge.

Kaz not letting Chloe into the lineup

The police challenge was the gift that kept on giving. When Chloe took her turn and proceeded to kiss Toby Kaz handled it like a pro and said nothing but didn’t let Chloe back into the lineup. This left Chloe spinning like a Sim and generally looking like a bit of an idiot.

Aaron getting swerved

Swerving makes some of the best Love Island awkward moments and the latest featuring Aaron and Lucinda was particularly toe curling.

Lucinda had just coupled up with Dan and yet Aaron was determined to show Lucinda how he felt about her with a kiss. Situated on the bean bags Aaron leans over to kiss her only for Lucinda to lean far back and ask him what he’s doing. The pie of the century.

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