I bet you can’t guess which of these UK towns and cities are further north

Is Manchester further north than Liverpool?

Remember Geography GCSE? What a time to be alive. It was a truly blissful land of wave-cut platforms, tectonic plates and field trips to the seaside in the rain.

It’s a well-known fact that geography was the subject you did if you weren’t that good at history, but while those fools were messing about writing essays and memorising dates, you were learning about the absolute badboys of the plant kingdom- mangroves.

Unfortunately, geography teachers are the most boring people known to man. They are the sort of people who got excited by the smell of a fresh ring binder or the slight movement of a compass point.

And let’s be honest, they didn’t even teach us anything *that* useful. You could quite easily come away from a Geography GCSE knowing very little about basic stuff that would genuinely help you with day-to-day life.

Sure, you know how glaciers work and are a whizz on urbanisation in Brazil, but do you even know the capital of Paris? Thought not.

So far, we’ve tested your knowledge of world capitals, assessed how well you know England’s counties and probs made you take a long, hard look at yourself after you failed this European flags quiz.

But no quiz as yet, has been as challenging as the one you’re about to take. So, without further ado, take this quiz and see if you can guess which of these UK cities are further north. Good luck (you’ll need it).


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