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Only 10 per cent of people can score full marks on this European flags quiz

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Some of us really pride ourselves on having great knowledge of flags. It’s one of those pub quiz, random general knowledge subjects you don’t get taught at school but there’s always someone in your group who knows every single one in the world. If you’re that friend, this European flags quiz is for you.

The quiz has been created and put together by Emerald Waterways, who say only 10 per cent of the population can score full marks. Apparently Generation Z (18-25s) are most likely to score top marks and millennials (25-39) will score the lowest. So do you know your Belgium from your Bosnia? Your Switzerland from your Sweden? Or your Iceland from your Ireland? It’s time to truly test yourself.

Try your knowledge on this European flags quiz here:

If you want to compare how you scored even more, the fastest time that the quiz has been completed is 1 min 36 sec, while the average is 2 mins 12 sec. When the quiz was first shared, over 2/3 of people couldn’t identify the flag for Belgium, while over half couldn’t identify Greece’s flag.

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