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Take this 2019 GCSE quiz and realise you deserve no qualifications

I know absolutely nothing


The older generation seem to love telling us exams are getting easier, kids are getting dumber and life is generally better these days. Recent news reports tell us the opposite, they say GCSE exam questions are the toughest they’ve ever been, and children in this generation don’t stand a chance.

So, let’s answer the debate once and for all. Online tutoring agency, Tutor House, has created a quiz of recent GCSE exam questions for the public to take. It’s to see how they fare, with questions covering all the core subjects, English, Maths and Science. If you think you’re smart, you should pass with flying colours, right?

Questions from the core subjects range from grade four to nine, to demonstrate the varied difficulty level. For most of us, our GCSEs were graded in letters, but since 2017 the exam results are numbered. There’s no direct read across from the old to the new grades, but in basic terms a grade nine, eight or seven is roughly an A/A*, a six, five or four is a B/C and a three, two or one is a D to G grade.

Take the GCSE exam questions quiz here:


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